15 Parts of the Human Body That Will Disappear in the Future

1. Body hair

Our body functions in a way that it stops our sweat from coming in the way of our sight. The same way men seem to have more hair on their body than women do. The facial hair serve the purpose of attracting the opposite gender. There is some amount of sexual attracting with men that have beards. As far as other sort of hair is concerned, they are utterly useless.

2. Paranasal sinuses

3. Extrinsic ear muscles

4. Wisdom teeth

5. Neck rib

6. Palmaris muscle

7. Male nipples

8. Arrector pili muscles

9. Appendix

10. Thirteenth rib

11. Toes

There has been research that human beings at one point in time used to balance themselves more from the middle of their feet. But as time passed, the balancing moved towards one side – the one where out toe is. Research claims that the center of our balance is constantly moving towards the inside. Meaning that in we might not need to balance on our toes in the future. How creepy is that?

12. Coccyx

This is also knowns as your tail bone, where your spine ends. It’s so tiny because we no longer need a tail – but if you see mammals, they use tails for balance and communication.

13. Third eye-lid

Ancient birds and mammals used to have a membrane that would protect their eye from things and sweep it clean. Humans now only have a tiny part of it left and it is found in the corner of our eye.

14. Darwin’s Point

There is a tiny piece of skin found on the top of our ear, that’s all we have left of a large ear. It helped human beings catch sounds from further away better. Not much left of it now!

15. Subclavius muscle

This muscle is present between our shoulders and moves over the collarbone and our first rib. This muscle would be extremely useful if humans were not walking on their feet but their all fours. Some people don’t have this muscle, some even have two or even one.

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15 Parts of the Human Body That Will Disappear in the Future

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