Illustrations That Reflect On The Brutality That We Humans Possess Today

I would want you to answer this important question here, how long have you contemplated in the present state of affairs or have been dwelling in oblivion since time immemorial? Have you felt that you have lost that divine touch of humanity, too engrossed in the humdrum of the so-called busy urban life?

To all the fellow human beings who are reading this piece, let me tell you that this is a curtain-raiser for you. To put up a show that will infuse you with all the shame and guilt for not having played your part in saving this world from heading to the brutality that it now breathes or heaves heavy sighs in. Clever illustrations by Polish illustrator Pawel Kuczynski which show the political, cultural and social reality.

Some serious problems, out of the plethora have been unabashedly put forth here, that hit right at the thoughtless sadism in us today. This is a reminder to all those tech-crunchies who just do not give a damn about what this world is going through.

Disclaimer: Rattling illustrations here!

When all that matters are the grades.

Every year we see innocent students indulging in suicides (read killed by) due to the education system. I mean, why do grades matter more than the knowledge.

See closely…

If at all this is possible, a lot of world’s problems will be solved hereon.

Courtesy: Pawel Kuczynski

Clearly, you are your choice.

Rather, your choice of the poison, slow or fast, painful.

The unaware devilish conduct of humans.

Do you realize what you have become, unknowingly or rather thoughtlessly? All of us have been soaked in illusions.

The bait, which just does not look like one.

Too gullible and docile to understand the tricks.

The behind-the-scenes of many things that you should be thankful for.

That you do not ask for, but are bestowed upon by the benevolent ones.

The difference between the rich and the poor.

It is going to take ages to bridge this ever-widening gap.

When we feel privileged while peeping through the narrow window of our phone screens…

Thinking that it is all the world has for us.

But, the quicker we burst this bubble, the better.

When money is the sole master…

No longer a facility. For it is what drives all.

Time digs your grave.

As much time passes, as much you near death. Seeing it the pessimist way.

Rich becomes richer, poor becomes poorer.

And the divide only widens, there is just no choice of narrowing one.

When the harbingers of peace have to hide themselves from the predators.

Peace is just a left word, now. A difficult thing to find, even on the inside.

For the lives of soldiers are taken just for the making of the best strategy.

When lives, are played with. *Sadness*

When there is only destruction that is rolling down the skies, too.

So far and so small.

Child labour and child play…

Captured in a frame, for greater impact.

Those shallow promises and worthless words…

Best fit for drains, not brains.

However caged and shackled, the artist can even paint his shackles brown and not let them rust and rest on him.

He will hustle, everywhere everytime.

When the sadists are so blind and visionless that…

They do not mind harming the innocent ones.

Now the only places where we will ear the sweet chirping of birds…

Will be on our smartphones, not on the stems of trees. For, this is what is destroying their natural habitat.

This is all of us under a time-bomb, begging for some share of time, for ourselves.

Striking illustrations that have inevitably saddened the human in me, to think more and spoil less.

Catch more of the artist’s work, here.

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Illustrations That Reflect On The Brutality That We Humans Possess Today

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