14 Horrifying Objects and Creatures Found Inside Human Bodies

The world is a strange and often scary place. In certain places, the sights may be beautiful, but the animal life can potentially harm you. In fact, certain insects and their babies have been known to crawl inside human bodies and cause a great amount of pain. Then again, there are some strange objects which humans may have caused to grow in themselves.

Below are some instances of people who have found weird bugs, eggs, and even crazier things within their bodies. If you read on, make sure you have a strong stomach. This sort of information is not for the weak!

A Plantation in the Lungs

More plants shouldn’t be bad news for the lungs, as they provide oxygen for breathing purposes. However, there is such a thing as too close a plant for a human. By this, we mean that plants start growing inside the lungs.

Ronald Speedin of Massachusetts started experiencing a nagging cough. Upon going to the hospital, it was initially feared that he had a tumor in his lungs. However, upon investigation, he actually had a cute little pea plant. The two inches of green leaves showed up in the X-ray.

Archie Sodokin had a similar experience. Doctors thought his chest pain was a symptom of cancer. They removed a bit of his lungs for testing. That part showed a tiny, but definite fir-tree. The man had been a soldier in his youth, it is believed that he inhaled the fir-tree seed while in the woods during training.

Aquarium Lungs

The jungle may have grown by accident, but a fish can very well fly into a human. Anil Barela of India was rushed into emergency surgery due to breathing problems and low blood oxygen. A long 45-minute operation ensued, and the problem was found to be a tiny (3 inch) fish swimming in his lungs.

However, this wasn’t the result of eating fish eggs. The boy himself had swallowed the fish, which went down the windpipe instead of the esophagus. He had done so while engaging in a popular game with his friends. As you can probably guess, it involved swallowing live fish.

Fish is also known to enter a human’s bladder. This is usually caused by people bathing in pools, where tiny eels and fishes find their way inside. As we can imagine, the pain and scare factor is quite high in such circumstances.

Itsy-Bitsy Spider in the Stomach

Dylan Thomas, a 21-year-old, hails from Australia. While that country is notorious for its creepy crawlies, this time the culprit was a trip to Bali. While on the trip, Dylan woke up to a 2-inch crimson trail on his stomach. A few hours later, the line had extended a few inches.

Understandably worried, Dylan saw a doctor the next day. The diagnosis was that of an insect bite, and he received some cream to apply on the trail. However, he started experiencing blisters the day after that. Thankfully, some dermatologists were concerned enough to have him operated.

What the doctors found was a minuscule spider in Dylan’s stomach. It wasn’t much bigger than a match-head. It must have been a clever one, having entered the body through a scar left from Dylan’s appendix surgery. Now, however, some doctors say it must have been a parasitic mite instead of an actual spider. Whichever the case, it’s certainly a very weird situation.

A Burgeoning Family in the Ear

If you have ear pain, don’t hesitate to go to the doctor. A 92-year old woman was found to have around 57 maggots in one of her ears. It was believed that a fly laid these eggs after finding her ear to be a nice, dark, safe place.

An Indian man had it worse. After complaints of ear pain, it was found that hundreds of maggots lived inside his ear. In fact, they had started feasting on his insides. This was a very dangerous situation, as they could very well have got into his brain. In that case, the man would probably have died soon.

In England, Rochelle Harris probably thought she was possessed by a ghost on returning from Peru. She could hear scratching from inside of her. Her face was also throbbing in pain, and the headaches were horrible.

The diagnosis, however, was something few are prepared for. Instead of a normal ear infection, she actually had several New World army screwworm fly larvae residing in her ear canal. What’s even scarier, these maggots displayed signs of acute awareness. When doctors operated to clean them out, they went even further into the ear. This resulted in a hole in her ear canal.

A Brainy Worm

Rosemary Alvarex feared she had a brain tumor after experiencing hazy sight and general numbness. While this wasn’t the case, the true diagnosis was probably the stuff of nightmares. She had a tapeworm up there!

This may surprise some readers, as tapeworms are commonly found inside our intestines. What many don’t know is that tapeworm can get into the brain if one ingests human fecal matter. As disgusting as this sounds, it is quite possible that the grandmother had eaten something made with dirty hands. This only highlights the importance of eating good, clean food, preferably home-cooked.

Another Flourishing Family

Erwin Dallas lived in Colorado in 2007. When he experienced an itchy scalp, he tried all the usual remedies. These included expensive shampoos, ointments, and other methods. However, he probably made a mistake by not showing his head to someone else for inspection.

When he finally felt like his scalp was moving and could no longer bear the headaches, he visited the doctor. There, he soon found out that some botfly larvae had made a home inside his head. It may have been through a mosquito bite on his recent trip to Bali.

Erwin had to go through surgery. During that, doctors found a pit in his head. When they cleaned it out, they found several bugs. Each was quite mature, having grown to the size of half a penny. We’re shuddering at the very thought!

A Hairball without a Cat

In Kazakhstan, an 18-year-old was extremely malnourished. This wasn’t due to anemia or anorexia, though. She simply could not keep any food or drink inside her for long.

When operated upon, the girl named Ipury revealed a whopping ten-pound hairball in her stomach! It was found that she actually suffered from a certain eating disorder known as Trichophagia, which causes people to eat their own hair and any strands they come across. This is also dubbed as the Rapunzel Syndrome.

Eventually, the hair develops a tail and gets into the intestines. In Ipury’s case, the hairball was about the size and shape of her actual stomach.

Candy Magnets

Small magnets can look a lot like candy to a young kid. This happened with 8-year-old Indiana resident Hailey. When she underwent a checkup regarding her body aches, no less than 30 magnets were found inside of her. Being magnets they stuck to each other even when in different organs. This caused the pain.

Luckily, the problem was caught in time. Hailey managed to survive, but she was one of the few fortunate. If the situation had progressed further, it would likely have ended very tragically.

A Pregnant Man

Sanju Baghat had a huge belly since his childhood. While he managed to bear the insults and taunts, he was rushed to the hospital after suffering painful symptoms. These included difficulty in breathing and extreme pain in his stomach. What the doctors found in his stomach was not a tumor, though it may as well have been.

They actually found Sanju’s own twin inside! More specifically, this was a parasitic twin which had been living inside him since they were in their mother’s womb. While the twin was obviously not alive, it had hands, hair, feet, and even genitalia. This case is termed fetus in fetus. It is extremely rare, with only 90 reported cases so far. We’re thankful for this! The last thing a mother wants to worry about is her twins being inside of each other.

A Little Confusion

Sometimes, ingesting weird items is not the result of an accident, but a deliberate consumption. This was the case with Margaret Dolman, who was rushed to the hospital in severe pain. Her X-rays showed something like a large squid. Naturally, doctors operated immediately.

This time, however, there was no living foreign object. Present in her stomach was no less than 78 spoons and forks. The woman had been craving cutlery instead of the things they could carry into her mouth. This is only one manifestation of a condition called pica, which creates cravings for non-food items.

Getting Pregnant in the Mouth

This is certainly not a cause for celebration. A South Korean woman aged 62 was experiencing discomfort in her mouth. The problem didn’t go away for some days. Upon visiting the doctor, she found that tiny organisms had sprouted in her mouth.

This was the direct result of eating partially raw squid at a restaurant earlier. Since the food was not fully cooked, the eggs had impregnated her mouth. She wasn’t the sole case, either. Let this be a lesson to us to stay away from raw seafood.

A Flowery Hearing

Dandelion seeds can be fun to blow, but take care that they start out of your body! A little girl in Beijing had a mature dandelion growing inside her ear due to a misplaced seed. We can only imagine the pain and irritation that must have caused.

The Retina Repast

It’s bad enough to have weird creepy-crawlies in your brain or stomach. However, even our eyes are not safe from praetors, it seems. John Matthews was experiencing blurred vision and weird black spots wherever he turned. This was more than just general dizziness.

The Iowa resident saw an ophthalmologist in 2010. Luckily, the doctor was a good one and soon found out the problem. Matthew actually had a worm inside his eye. More specifically, it was a parasitic worm. In its hunger, it had already started feasting on his retina. No doubt the experience was both painful and disturbing.

Another eye-related event happened to a boy in Honduras. He had a bug in his eye. It refused to leave before laying its eggs, though. This was also a botfly, which is considered as a very pesky creature. These parasitic insect larvae made things very excruciating for the innocent five-year-old. He had to go through surgery to get it removed. We sincerely hope he’s all right now.

The eye is, no doubt, a very delicate organ. Any problem experienced there should be dealt with by professionals immediately.

An Alien

Ok, not really. However, this weird tumor may end up looking like an alien. While the Teratoma isn’t actually alive, it is known as the ‘Monster Tumor’. Basically, it is made up of several germ layers. The tissue or organ qualities it possesses give rise to some human features.

Frighteningly, these human features include hair, eyes, torsos, limbs, teeth, bone, and much more. So it’s almost like a tiny alien within you. Teratoma has also been known to try and dominate the human body. They do so by targeting the brain. This further affirms their alien status. They are not only parasitic, but downright life-threatening!

Some women may even feel pregnant when they have this tumor inside them. However, it causes a great deal of pain. It almost feels as if someone is wringing your stomach from the inside! If not treated properly and quickly, it could definitely be fatal.

Reading the article above could make one wary of eating or even traveling. However, it is important to remember that life must go on at any cost. Take a lesson from the people above and get any weird symptom checked out immediately.


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14 Horrifying Objects and Creatures Found Inside Human Bodies

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