Ever Wondered What Is That Bump On Your Wrist?

The bump may look as normal as this one.

The beginning of the unusual growth on the wrist will start from a bump whose size will be similar to a pimple. And, that’s where the ignorance starts. We sometimes assume that the bump is just a mosquito bite or something else that’ll heal on its own. But…

The changes start to appear after some time.

The bump will start to change its shape. It will look round, and suddenly you will start to notice changes in your wrist too. The pain and suffering will start, and you will feel weirdness from the inside.

But, what can be the reason behind it?

 According to Dr. Otis Brawley, there can be several reasons behind it. The swelling or bump may be caused due to an injury resulting in problems in soft tissues and ligaments. Another reason behind it maybe Ganglion Cyst.

The abnormal growth in the body.

Ganglion Cyst is a bump which is filled with fluid which appears near the joints or tendons on the hand or wrist. If you are not able to imagine it, then think of a balloon filled with jelly. The cyst is very much similar to it.

So, how can someone know about it?

Well, the cyst may appear to painless and tangible, but as soon as the person who has it touch near the tendons or muscles where the cyst is located, then s/he will experience the pain. Sometimes, it can be really painful, and the person will not be able to feel that part of the hand.

How does a person get the cyst?

The exact reason behind the cyst is mostly unknown. It may be caused due to the degeneration of tissues, and it also runs in families. But, it also has an interesting side.

Note: The visual in the next image contains the still while a surgery was in operation, move ahead only if you are above 18.

So, what exactly is the interesting side?

The cyst may go down in the size or even vanish on their own. This happens in some cases and even the surgery is not required.

Everything comes down.

Nothing can be better than the automatic decline in the size of the cyst. But, if it does not take place then what must be the next step? Keep reading, and I will tell you.

Visit a doctor for the diagnosis.

The diagnosis will start with the inquiry about your first memory of the bump. Most of the patients don’t remember it. After that, the doctor will do the assessment of the bump and check if it is caused due to an injury or it has some connection with the history of patient’s family.

The X-rays and MRI’s will come in the picture.

The doctor can use many different things for the diagnosis. It starts with normal X-ray and can go upto the use of ultrasound for the detection of the cyst of the patients who don’t have any idea about its origin.

Now the removal of the cyst.

After the diagnosis, a surgical process is carried out for the removal of the cyst. It is one of the most effective methods because there is a very less chance of its recurrence. But, there is one natural way too.

Here it is.

The non-surgical treatment of the cyst involves using a wrist brace. You can also use a method of puncturing the cyst by inserting a needle.

Now, you decide what’s best?

If you have seen something like this on someone’s wrist, then share this story with them and also ask them to visit a doctor. 🙂

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Ever Wondered What Is That Bump On Your Wrist?

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