12 Normal Things You Must Not Dare To Do In Dubai

Different countries have different cultures, different practices and different rituals among many other differences. So are the pros and cons, do’s and don’ts, safety and hazard measures, which you must follow, even on a retreat, since the saying, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”, is too painfully true. Things out of control in an alien land can land you in legal, economic and diplomatic trouble among others. For your knowledge, we provide you with a listing of 12 do not do in Dubai, and have a trip, safe and sound.

Public Drinking

Consuming alcohol in pubs has its own strict rules and regulations. Although, as a foreign traveller with a home drinking licence, or in a licenced hotel, you are safe from trouble, as long as you do not go overboard and drink and drive either.

Drugs and Substance Abuse

With strict rules regarding drug possession, use, and selling of illegitimate and toxic substances, Dubai has also banned codeine-based painkillers and has often put naïve travellers behind bars.

Public Singing and Dancing

Dubai is completely intolerant towards a loud sound and obnoxious display of street revelry. Keep your rebel spirits under check or be behind bars.


PDAThere is should absolutely not be any public display of affection, so lovers beware! Keep your lovey-dovey sentiments within controlled ambiance.


Both men and women are debarred from going topless and must be properly dressed when on the road.


Keep it sensible and in control. Do not be an over-the-top fashionista with a skimpy display of skin; because despite being fashion and trend-savvy, Dubai is traditional in its own way.


Consent and respect are important, especially towards women, even if you want to capture local colors and flavors through your lens.


“Mind your Language!”, as the popular chiding goes,  being abusive and vulgar is never a choice in Dubai. You can be pecuniarily charged for it. Also, never speak against Islam, ever.

Lavish Expenditure

When in Dubai, always keep a close eye on your pocket or you could go bankrupt. Not a nice surprise to be pick-pocketed either.

LGBT Identity

Better keep it undercover, people in Dubai are very judgmental, and even consider it a crime.

Public eating during Ramadan

Munching, slurping or puffing away, even chewing gum on the streets will be considered disrespectful, and as the saying goes, “The eyes of Truth are Always Watching You”, and you will be dealt with, accordingly.

Using the left hand

For some reason unbeknownst to us travelers, using the left hand in Dubai is considered disrespectful, as even the most sanitized left hand is considered unclean, and cannot be used to eat, drink, shake hands or even open doors. Lefties, beware!

So go ahead and share the love! For the safety concern regarding the loved ones is a display of sensitivity and sensibility. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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12 Normal Things You Must Not Dare To Do In Dubai

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