Beware! This ‘Rubberband’ Trend Is Another Way Of Burglars Breaking Into Your Home

No matter how safe and secure your house is, burglars always find a way out to break in. Yes, there’s no telling when your house is next on their list. People assume that their houses are safe, even when they are in their house. But there is no way one could be ‘too careful’ with the security measures.

But it is not always that the security measures can prove out to be effective against every possible trick burglars have in their hand. This is exactly why you need to learn everything about protecting your home from the intruders. Things like taking down the door or breaking through the window seem like the things that are bound to the big screen. But in real life, these, and many others are more common than you might think.

Burglars are upping their game.

An intimidating and disturbing incidence broke out about how the burglars have geared up and coined a new trick up their sleeve to raid in your houses.

It was posted by Kim Fleming Cernigliaro, a resident of Texas, who just underwent something like this…

Kim told that she heard an unexpected knock on her door. Initially, she thought to open the door, but something felt suspicious. She didn’t open the door, and after several knocks the person on the door left.

It is a common fear of becoming the victim of a break-in.


Even with the installation of the most advanced technological security system, you could be at risk. That is why this Facebook post which is focused on such a problem has recently gone viral attracting people across the globe.

She noticed something strange on the handle of the front door — a rubber band was holding the door latch in a way that it stays open even when you’d close it.

When the person left, Kim went on to investigate the scene.


The post said, “Two weeks ago, during the day, a hard knock was at my front door, not a regular knock but almost pounding…and I DO NOT answer the door when I am here by myself.”

On reporting to her local sheriff, she learned that this was not the first time someone had reported something like this.


Adding, “The Sheriff came by yesterday and said this is happening all of a sudden, as soon as you unlatch the door, they do not wait for you to turn the knob, they can bust in on you.” 

When the person left, Kim went on to investigate the scene.

In her post, Kim suggested not to answer doors unless you know who is on the other side.

There are robbers who use litter to identify how many people live in the house.


So, one thing you can do is to remove putting litter outside your home. If they find the backside of your house full of trash, this might give them an impression that you’re not home.

Another tip: don’t make your bed in the morning.


An unmade bed indicates that someone is still home.

You can also consider investing in motion-sensitive lights.


Yes, criminals may get nervous if light shines on them. So motion sensing lights can be effective if you have to stop the heist.

If you can’t afford security then simply get a sign or sticker indicating that your house is protected.


Playing bluff can be really helpful in many situations. Many of those who are trying to break-in into houses prefer to be careful. These signs can protect your house by removing it from their ‘hit-list’.

Even in her post, Kim suggested to have  a weapon.

Another tip that you can implement is that it’s important to stay armed at such a point. You can be barged in and be overpowered on any day. If you keep yourselves prepared, you can end up taking the situation under control.

Also, storing valuable in the midst of your children’s toys might save your family’s heirlooms.


Keeping your precious items among toys increases it’s chance to be missed by the robbers. If you can’t afford the security, at least you can be witty enough to come up with hacks like these.

Also, consider reinforcing the door either by more steel or with more wood.


Stronger the door, harder to break-in. It’s quite real for people to break the door down to enter your houses. Make it hard enough and maybe they’ll break their legs and shoulders instead.

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Beware! This ‘Rubberband’ Trend Is Another Way Of Burglars Breaking Into Your Home

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