Demi Lovato Got A New Hand Tattoo And People Aren’t Happy About It

Demi Lovato is a superstar and an icon in pop culture. She is known and loved worldwide by adoring fans. Not only has she been successful in both her music and acting careers, but she was also selected as one of Time magazine’s most influential people in 2017.

During her trip to New York City to attend the Time 100 gala, the talented 24-year-old Grammy nominee decided to get a tattoo. She took to Snapchat and Instagram to show her followers her new ink and the reaction has been decidedly mixed.

The tattoo, which is positioned on her left hand, is a lion’s head next to a cross. Lovato, who is a Leo, is well-known for inspiring confidence and charisma in her fans. She has encouraged women to be proud of their curves and isn’t afraid to show off her Brazilian jiu-jitsu prowess. Needless to say, she’s fearless.

She has often used her voice and platform to raise awareness for important societal issues. A lion tattoo seems to perfectly align with what she stands for.

Lovato did not expect the reaction that she received. Many people were excited for her and thought the tattoo looked cool and suited her well. Others took to Twitter and Instagram to express their dissatisfaction.

Lions are a universal symbol for poise and bravery. Lovato’s decision to get a tattoo of a lion caused a fair bit of controversy because some believed a lion tattoo to be unoriginal.

The issue mainly revolved around the belief that she copied the idea from some equally famous personalities.

Both Justin Bieber as well as well as Cara Delevingne have lion tattoos. However, their placement is different.

For example, Bieber’s lion tattoo is on his chest. Meanwhile, Delevingne’s tattoo is on the index finger of her left hand. Nevertheless, people criticized Lovato for being a copycat.

Since the controversy broke out, Lovato decided to reach out to her critics to defend her decision.

Is it possible for celebrities to get tattoos that are similar to one another without being criticized? Regardless of the intention, there is no denying that the lion looks amazing on her!


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Demi Lovato Got A New Hand Tattoo And People Aren’t Happy About It

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