11 Honest Confessions Of FRIENDS Actors That Will Leave You Surprised

1. Matt LeBlanc on Joey.
Honestly, we also had to turn off half our brains while watching Joey in action but we loved it anyway. I mean, who can forget that adorable innocence?

2. Matthew Perry for Monica Geller.
Aww, aren’t they just so cute together? I always wanted two of them together.

3. Matt LeBlanc on pairing Joey and Rachel together.
Well, we’re so used to seeing Ross and Rachel do different things that it kinda seems very odd to picture Joey and Rachel together.

4. Courteney Cox on playing Monica.
I would love being in a fat suit and eating doughnuts all day. Monica nailed it!

5. Jennifer Aniston on Rachel’s hair.
OMG, please don’t say that! I would get a Rachel haircut over anything any day! Fans have been going gaga over her FRIENDS look.

6. Matt LeBlanc on playing Joey.
We simply loved Joey and we’re so glad you were the one to play the character. You did justice to the character.

7. David Schwimmer on Ross and Rachel.
To be honest, we always knew Ross and Rachel would end up together and we were glad that they did. After all, “You were her lobster!”

8. Lisa Kudrow on playing Phoebe.
We didn’t think Phoebe was stupid, she’s just absolutely fantastic! It is true that she had out-of-the-box ideas. That was absolutely lovable.

9. Matthew Perry on playing Chandler.
And that is not far from truth. Most of the roles that Matthew Perry has played aside from that of Chandler Bing, have been somewhat influenced by Chandler’s sarcasm.

10. Maggie Wheeler on playing Janice.
This was absolutely true. She had no idea that the rest of the group hated her. And so, whenever she came on-screen, she greeted everyone with the same enthusiasm, and loved Chandler for the good in him, despite how he treated her.

11. James Michael Tyler on playing Gunther.
Well, Gunther did really ruin Ross and Rachel relationship initially. That was really very jealous of her.


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11 Honest Confessions Of FRIENDS Actors That Will Leave You Surprised

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