12 tell-tale signs of demonic possession which you should be wary of

12 distinct signs that indicate a person may be possessed by a demon.

If you believe in God then chances are that you believe in demons too and even if you don’t the demons may still believe in you. Demonic possessions are a phenomenon known and observed worldwide. Numerous cases are observed every day and exorcisms are performed worldwide to rid people of these evil spirits.

Here, we have a list of 12 tell-tale signs of demonic possessions which indicate the spirit’s power over a person.

#1 Inexplicable goosebumps, frequently and eerily

Goosebumps are usually indicative of a sensation which you can feel more than you can explain. The presence of demonic spirits or the initial phase of demonic possession is usually experienced through goosebumps. The person about to be possessed would feel eery and frequent goosebumps but would not be able to explain why.

#2 Severe night terrors

It is when you are at your most vulnerable that the demons attach themselves to you. It is easier to ward them off during the day but while you sleep at night, they are more powerful than you can imagine.

Night terror becomes severe in the presence and the person would often wake up screaming uncontrollably.

#3 Hearing voices

Demons do not shout and scream but can be felt in whispers. The person to be possessed experience hearing voices which they do not know or have never heard. It may even be a language they may not be aware of but they would hear the demons speak softly to them, making them vulnerable and accepting towards the evil.

#4 Dramatic change in the tone of voice

The person possessed would often find themselves with changed voice tones. They may be speaking normally but all of a sudden their tone may get sad or angry or they may start speaking at a higher pitch. This change is something they would not even be aware of since they are not in control of their voices anymore.

#5 Knowledge of things/events/places which one had no idea about

This is one of the strongest indicators of a demonic possession. People who are possessed would often start speaking of things, places, events or people they had no reason to know. They may have no idea about how they have this information and yet they would speak in ways that would convince you of their knowledge. It is a big red flag!

#6 Slurring of speech

Demonic possession leads to a loss of control over our senses. Our thoughts become incoherent, our voice changes in unexplained ways and when the person starts speaking, they may even get a slurry speech which would make no sense to anyone. And then they will recover as well with no memory of the incident.

#7 Alcohol/drug changes behavior dramatically

Intake of alcohol or any other drug while under a demonic possession changes the person’s behavior dramatically. The behavior change is expected under influence but an extreme change like sudden crying, sudden sadness, or sudden euphoria could indicate the possession.

#8 Bouts of rage or mood swings

Massive mood-swings which cannot be explained is a big red flag. Demonic possession may lead a usually calm person to act in the most unreasonable way or a very aggressive person to quieten all of a sudden. There may be a sudden urge to scream or even harm themselves.

#9 Suicidal tendencies

Extreme demonic possessions do induce high suicidal tendencies. The demons possess the body but it is never with a good intent. The result is often an onset of extreme depression and the urge to end one’s life. If you observe such sudden and drastic changes in someone, be wary and try to help.

#10 Sudden rise in aggression

Extreme aggression and abrupt outrages are also indicative of a negative spirit being present. A demonic possession would definitely reflect through aggressive behaviors which are new to the person possessed and even for their family members.

#11 Strong aversion to spirituality

Needless to say, a demonic possession would make the person extremely repulsive towards anything spiritual or godly. The person would freak out in front of holy signs, mention of God and similar things. Such an inexplicable repulsion should definitely raise red flags about a possession.

#12 Loss of self-control

The person, as is obvious, starts losing control over their actions, speech, and behavior gradually but steadily. As the demon grows in power, the person’s own soul starts losing out to the demon and with time they can no longer fight the spirits which are way more powerful than theirs.

Demons are as real as you would believe them to be and they possess humans for their own self-interest or simply out of malice. Demonic possessions need experts to handle and one should try and avoid any direct confrontation with the possessed person for their own safety.

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12 tell-tale signs of demonic possession which you should be wary of

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