The shape of your ears reveal a lot about your personality

Different kinds of people have different personality traits and people’s personalities are often shaped by their physical attributes. Your body plays a big role in determining the kind of person you are. Each aspect of your body provides a glimpse into your personality and the shape of your ears, too, have a remarkable way of reflecting who you are. But before you understand what kind of personality you carry, you can refer to the following image to know the shape of your ears.

#1 Attached lobe
This is one of the most common types of earlobes and most people you would meet have this ear shape. The personality traits associated with this ear shape, however, varies a lot and it often goes to the extremes.

One person, for example, with the same shape may have one trait while the other would be exactly opposite.

If this is the shape of your ears, chances are that you are the kind of person who is welcoming, warm, and gentle of heart. You are someone who is high on empathy and are able to put yourself in their position to understand what others are going through. Your love, therefore, emerges out of understanding and is not impulsive.

On the other hand, you may be extremely reserved and particular about the things in your life. You may be impulsive and act on your instincts more than anything else. While others may see this as a sign of arrogance, you are actually least bothered about their opinions and you live just the way you want to. It’s your way or the highway.

#2 Broad lobe
People with broad lobes are generally laid-back and relaxed by nature. They take things easy and most importantly, they do not like taking themselves seriously. They are calm and chill about who they are and they enjoy a good joke more than anything else.

If this is the shape of your ears, then chances are that you are the kind of person who loves smiling, laughing, and cracking a joke or two. You like people who take things easy and you are not that disturbed by issues in life.

Your sense of humor is impeccable and this emerges from your sense of understanding more than anything else. You do not mind laughing at yourself and that makes you a rare breed. You may also display signs of sarcasm which indicates a level of intelligence not commonly found.

#3 Narrow ear
People with narrow ears are usually a little reserved and like keeping things to themselves. They are usually quiet and composed and one would rarely find them reacting in a violent or unacceptable manner.

If you have ears shaped like this, chances are that you like being by yourself and hate indulging in idle gossip or back-biting. You are not the sort of person who speaks out od turn but when you do, you contribute to the discussion.

Your words and your thoughts mean a lot to you and you don’t waste it on people who would not appreciate it. You are not a loud person but your ideas and opinions speak loudly. You take your time in framing your opinion but once you say something, you stick by it.

#4 Pointed ear
People with pointed ears have been observed to be sharp and witty by nature. They are alert to things and people around them and they are very good at making extraordinary observations. It is in their nature to see details and they do it extremely well.

#5 Round lobe
People with round lobes are known to be extremely loyal and kind. Their loyalty comes out of their dedicated nature and their trust is something one needs to value a lot. Round-lobed people are the ones who go out of their way to help and that is what makes them so special.

If this is the shape of your ears then chances are that you are a person who values trust a lot. You are the kind of person who doesn’t trust easily but when you do, it is absolute. On the other hand, you also expect trust from others on similar levels. You understand what it takes to be loyal and there’s nothing more you hate than betrayal.

Also, being trusting by nature, you believe in the goodness of people’s hearts. You are the one who gives people a second chance but that is where you stop. You forgive quite easily but never forget. What it means is that once you have given someone a second chance, and they fail, you move on without a second thought.

#6 Square ear
People with square earlobes are the creators of the world. It is an uncommon ear shape and so are the people who have this shape. They are the thinkers and the visionaries who look at the larger picture and are not bothered by the trivialities.

If your ears are square shaped then chances are that you are someone who likes living in their own worlds. Your creative nature makes you think in isolation and you prefer quiet places where you can just sit and imagine things you can create.

Your ears reveal that you are the kind of person who has created a world of your own and you don’t just let anyone in. To be a part of your world, the other person has to be extremely special and they have to mean a lot to you. And when you let someone in your life, you give them all that you have. There’s just no half-way for you.

#7 Sticking out
People who have this shape of their ears are the ones who actually stand out in a crowd. They are weird, different, and weirdly different. You can spot them from miles away as they would often be doing things you couldn’t have imagined.

If this is how your ears are shaped then you are the person who is unique effortlessly. The way you think, the way you act, and the way you see the world is different from the crowd. Your point of view is unique to you and you often find it exhausting explaining your thoughts to others.

It also means that it is extremely difficult for you to find someone on the same frequency as you on. It can get really difficult for you to have a genuine conversation because not everyone can understand your thoughts. But that just makes you uniquely wonderful and a perfect person to bring variety in life.


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The shape of your ears reveal a lot about your personality

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