15 Dirty Humor Memes Bound to Get You Rolling

There is really no harm in suggesting that dirty painting humor is the best kind of humor. It gets people to stand up and roll on the floor with the pangs of laughter they experience after these memes. Here we present to you 15 of these memes for people to see and have a good time rolling on the floor with laughter.
Grammar Nazi

There are times when even the most avid grammar enthusiast can make grammar mistakes. But, once they make a mistake in their grammar they don’t want to be pointed out by anybody else, and this is the face they then make.
Perks of an Introvert

There are numerous perks that one can enjoy from being an extrovert. The biggest perk out of them all is the fact that introverts don’t go through any social drama because they’re not hanging out with different people any more.
Rolling Party

There is always this one guy in a joint party who cannot live up to the expectations of rolling blunt after blunt. They not only give up earlier in the deal, but also have a petrified look on their face to boast of.

Nowadays you cannot trust anyone when it comes to talking sh*t behind your back. Not even giant strawberries that mildly look like apples can be trusted. This guy will definitely have a hard time trusting fruits after this debacle.
Silent Tears

Nobody likes being called a brother by a girl, especially if the girl is a crush you have fostered for quite some time now. This is exactly why people have a hard time managing heartbreak, because girls come up with weird excuses.
Bikini Picture

Most men always have this ex-girlfriend who is darn hot and keeps posting bikini pictures on Insta and Facebook. These guys cannot stop themselves from liking these hot pictures and eventually suffer with the wrath of their significant other.
Online Debates

Online debates are extremely common nowadays and people indulge in them on a regular basis. However, there is always the occasion when two people are having a hot online debate, but one of them loses interests and leaves in between.
McDonald’s Line

The line at McDonald’s can be tricky business. Sometimes you are kept wonder what to order and the person in front of you orders rapidly. Then you pull of this weird expression when you keep glaring at the signage without a clue.
Getting Laid

Getting laid with a hot girl is the new cool thing of today and men cannot hide themselves from this brilliant opportunity. However, hot girls often talk a lot and you have to bear through that before you reach the climax.
Netflix and Chill

Seems like Netflix and chill isn’t a recent phenomenon, but has been around for quite some time now. Just that Netflix and chill back in the medieval era had no Netflix, but a lot of chill without proper protection.
Crush Time

The most fascinating encounters in High School and College are when you get to hang out with your crush. This is a make or break scenario and you try to be at the best of your game, but then your friend decides to be a comedian and your whole momentum is lost.
Dogs and Chocolate

How many times have you been happily munching on chocolate, only to drop it and have your dog leap on it? What ensues after this encounter is a brutal battle of sorts between you and your dog over rights to the piece of chocolate.
Opening The Front Camera

There are times when you grab a quick picture with the camera and open your back camera to do so, but because your front camera was on before, you accidently open your front camera and there you see yourself looking like Shrek.
Sad Songs

There is something about sad songs and looking out of car windows that is a match made in heaven. Sad songs can often make you remember things by gone and then you are sent into a roller coaster of memories by just looking outside the car window.
Acting Tough

There is always this one guy within every squad who wants to act hard and tough in front of everyone. And, there is also another person from the group who knows how much he is boasting about his abilities.

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15 Dirty Humor Memes Bound to Get You Rolling

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