These Deep Meaning Pictures Need No Description for You to Understand Them

The pace with which we’re heading towards future to explore the unexplorable has pulled many away from the humanity. This speed is not only taking us to far places which we couldn’t even imagine, but it is also becoming the reason of our self-destruction. Just like that Chinese symbol which depicts there’s always some good in the bad and bad in the good, the technological advancement is not only making our life easier but also dull at the same time.

Now, various graphic designers, illustrators, and artists who share the same thought have created picture series that needs no description.

Have a look! Our inhuman and ill-treatment…
…causing the extinction of many species. This picture depicting just an example.

Who controls us?
These days, humanity is driven not by law and order, but electronic screens.

They are killing each other.
Something is definitely wrong.

Rich vs. poor
The rich people have their ways made easy, while poor suffer for every step they take forward.

No one wants to read a book, but everyone needs free wifi.
Imagine if the government starts to give away free wifi connection to those who will plant two trees each. People will save the planet automatically.

We’re all living in a prison.
A prison that is as small as a 5 inch screen.

Do you only worry about climate change?
Well, if there’s anything that scares me more than climate change, then it is the tech slavery.

Most of the people are narcissistic.
Thanks to selfies.

An Apple a day, keeps the doctors away?
I mean, seriously?

Evolution of humans.
If there’as any theory that is more convincing than Charles Darwin’s, it is this.

Well, they’re resting in peace.

So many things that we could have done in past.
But all we did was stalk people who fake their lives on social media.

Don’t follow the crowd, hard work and planning prior to task can make your way easy.

How media reports these days.
The real pictures are often different than what we’re shown.

The final destination.
Our body and beauty is a fictitious wall, there’s the same final destination for all.

Priorities decide who you are.
Priorities can make or break your life, choose wisely.

Never give up in your life.
Even when it’s all unfair.

The only refugees.
Humans are not the only refugees for they’ve made other species to migrate too.

We are all hypocrites, we worship goddess but we do not respect women.

Make a point in life.
Never ever give up.

Practice makes man perfect.
What seems simple in front-end has a lot of broken realities at back.

Power of money!
…and show off!

In the end, we find ourself balancing.
That’s all, folks!

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These Deep Meaning Pictures Need No Description for You to Understand Them

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