15 Most Commonly Neglected Cancer Symptoms By Women

The body of a woman is always going through various changes. These changes can make it difficult for women to take notice of certain issues that have begun to take place. Paying attention to the body is how we can avoid these types of problems as women. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most commonly neglected cancer symptoms so that women everywhere can safeguard themselves.

1. Changes In Your Breasts
Changes in the breasts must be treated with the utmost level of seriousness. If the nipples have begun to turn inward or there is any discharge, this is a common cancer symptom. A physical exam is needed any time there are sudden changes in the area.

2. Bloating
Bloating is a common problem that women experience. However, if it does not go away after a week or two, this could mean that the problem is more serious.

3. Bleeding Between Periods
Bleeding when we are not experiencing a period is a warning sign that should never be ignored for any reason.

4. Changes In Your Skin
Any changes that take place to the skin could be a sign of cancer. If moles have begun to change in size or color, it is time to seek professional help.

5. Bloody Pee Or Stool
Bloody stool or bloody urine that persists over the course of several days is another warning sign that we need to be paying close attention to.

6. Lymph Node Changes
Swelling in the lymph nodes that has persisted for multiple weeks can be a sign of cancer.

7. Swallowing Difficulties
While we have all been known to have trouble swallowing from time to time, patients who are having difficulty swallowing for an extended period of time could be stricken with cancer.

8. Weight Loss
The average woman probably wishes that she could shed a few unwanted pounds. If these pounds fall off without any effort, this is a warning sign.

9. Heartburn
Heartburn that continues to persist can often be alleviated by dietary changes. If not, this means that we need to visit a doctor to find out more.

10. Changes In The Mouth
Discolored patches that develop inside of the mouth are a warning sign that we need to look out for.

11. Fever
Fevers that refuse to go away are often indicative of a form of blood cancer.

12. Tired
Fatigue that does not subside no matter how much rest we get is not something to be ignored
for any reason.

13. Coughing
The average cough goes away on its own in less than a month. A cough that lasts for over a month is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong.

14. Pain
Ongoing aches and pains are not always serious and they can be a natural part of aging. That does not mean that we shouldn’t have a doctor take a closer look anyway.

15. Stomach pain And Depression
Pains in the stomach that will not go away could be an indicator of pancreatic cancer.

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15 Most Commonly Neglected Cancer Symptoms By Women

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