4-Year Old Gets Horn-like Implants To Cover Up His Birthmark

George Ashman was born with a distinguishing birthmark. Only that it was probably one unique birthmark out of thousands. George’s mother, Karen was very concerned about it..not that looks matter, but the phase growing up and going to school with other kids can be very different at times. George was born with a large red birthmark on his forehead.
This one is shaped like a map. Amazing!

Poppy Rae was born with an adorable heart-shaped birthmark.

And look at happy little George Ashman!

He had a haemangioma birthmark. It is an accumulation of blood vessels in a spot that eventually forms into a lump.

Interestingly, only one out of ten are born with the haemangioma mark. But these marks usually do not grow bigger than a coin-sized. And some even shrink!

However, George’s mark was very prominent. So his mother looked into so many procedures to get his birthmark permanently removed. Medical science has never failed us, so yes it was possible.

Tissue expanders that look like balloons were required to be inserted in his forehead. The expanders are needed in order to stretch the skin around his mark. Just look at them!

Karen Ashman said, “When I first saw the implants in place I was speechless.They were larger than I expected – and placed on either side of his tiny head looked like horns. My cute, angel-faced baby looked like the devil.“

And that’s how George at just 4years old got implants. Even though George was taunted every now and then he stepped out, he stuck to it. I think it was really brave of him.

His mom said, “I’m really proud of the strength he has shown through all of this. He has never let it hold him back.“

She revealed, “When he was born immediately my mind raced forward ten years. George would be the picked-on kid with no friends, no girlfriend.” Which is actually very true.

Look at this amazing transformation after the balloons were removed!

My little devil’s got guts – and with or without his birthmark and his horns I’ll always love him to bits for that

George’s case was similar to that of Jennifer. She suffered from Arterial Venous Malformation.

She underwent the same procedure.

And after the balloon-like inserts were removed..a stunning Jennifer.

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4-Year Old Gets Horn-like Implants To Cover Up His Birthmark

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