Check Out Sizzling Photos of Paul Walker’s Daughter, Meadow Walker

Remember Paul Walker? One of the biggest names in Hollywood industry and the most prominent one. The main star of Fast and Furious movie series and with the latest installment of the series being released this month only he’s remembered more now. We seriously miss the legend too much for his acting perfection. Like you all know the cause of his death was a car accident and that was very unfortunate to hear. He left his parents and a beautiful wife and a daughter behind.

Her daughter named Meadow Walker is the prime focus of this article. When he died in 2013 not many people knew his family or his personal life, but now his daughter has become a fashion model and is praised by everyone. She has carried the father’s legacy forward and is on her way to becoming a great actress like her father and put him a good name. Paul Walker would be appreciating her from heaven for what she has achieved now.

Let’s take a look at these amazing photos of Meadow Walker:

1. The kid with her dad.

And in this one both the Walker look so cute.

2. This one is the grown up daughter.

3. With the ex-First Lady!

4. I couldn’t notice that there was a beach in the background.

5. A beautiful flower enjoying the beauty of another flower!

6. She looks damn cute even when eating.

7. I think she’s hotter than the son! Am I the only one?

8. Another beach beauty.

9. This smile can kill millions!

10. This Joyous and lovely girl!

11. Her professional Photoshoot.

She looks like a serious lady here but still is awesome.

12. She had met Justin Bieber too!!!

13. Can’t miss out on this one!

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Check Out Sizzling Photos of Paul Walker’s Daughter, Meadow Walker

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