Revenge Of A Soldier When Pregnant Wife Was Caught Cheating With 60 Other Guys

A soldier’s duty is to protect and serve the nation and I am very sure he does this same at home too, with his family. Unfortunately, in this case, the story has a twist, because the enemy was from within. Every enemy is a target for him to kill to survive. In this case, he had to battle with the enemy from within, when the wife was caught cheating.

Here is a love story of a boy meets girl, love blossoms and then vows are exchanged to live happily ever after. Well, that last part did not happen here, because this soldier caught his wife cheating on him, she had slept with 60 guys (mostly soldier’s) plus she was pregnant with somebody else’s child. Wow! What a tragic love story, but we need to see the happy ending part also, as to how the soldier took his revenge on a wife caught cheating.

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1. The Introduction

The soldier was introduced to this woman, with whom he fell in love and were highly devoted to each other. One day the soldier got a call for duty…

2. The Marriage

This is when the two decided to get married and exchanged vows “to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.”

3. The Change Begins

Barely after marriage, the wife started having seizures in her sleep, and as the loving husband’s duty was to serve, did so, by staying beside her all the time.

4. Medical Insurance

Fortunately, they were both covered under the Tricare Medical Insurance, which is provided by the military to the soldiers and their family members, therefore excellent treatment was available and the wife would go for her treatment.

5. Strange Happenings

The husband observed that the visit to the doctor’s had become very frequent by his wife, without any prior appointments. Yet he believed in her since the baby was in question.

6. Regular Shopping

Visiting Walmart for shopping by the wife also started becoming regular, which did come under his observation, but he overlooked these strange outings, considering that she loved shopping as all women do, which looked pretty normal to him and then came the…

7. Call Of Duty

The soldier had to take this call and travel to South Korea, where he had been posted, since, all her strange movements was not an issue with him. But definitely, the loving husband he was, he missed his wife every day. Then one day he got…

8. The Breaking News!

One day while overseas, his wife’s mother, brother, uncle and aunt happen to confront him, whether he was gay as per his wife’s claim because she was caught cheating. Due to which her sleeping with others was a mutual understanding, between her and her soldier husband. On hearing this he was shocked and decided to…

9. Confront

When the soldier confronted his wife about this, she confessed ultimately that she had slept with almost 60 other guys and…

10. More Shocking News!

After the confession of cheating, the wife broke another shocking news, that she was pregnant from an African-American guy and the child was finally not his. He then thought of taking revenge so, he filed for…

11. Divorce

The soldier very subtly proceeded with the divorce, without the knowledge of his wife, as he didn’t want her to go berserk and become aware so that she shouldn’t be able to defend and secure herself. He had his first revenge by making sure to take his car back from her new boyfriend, who wasn’t the baby’s father anyway.

12. Drama In Court

The wife simply refused and rejected the appeal for a DNA test, causing a huge obstacle in proceeding with the case. The wife would create a lot of commotion at the court also, making the divorce proceedings very difficult, but finally the…

13. Truth Revealed

The smart lawyer of the husband happens to corner his wife with some very difficult questions, which finally lead to revealing the truth about her being caught cheating. Though she tried every possibility, blaming the husband and holding him responsible, but nothing worked in her favor.

14. The Verdict

At the end, the jury and the judge announced their verdict, that henceforth the wife is not to contact the soldier, her now new ex-husband. She was also ordered to vacate the shared premises within 30 days and she will not be entitled to any of his assets or money, which she had claimed for. This is how he got his revenge.


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Revenge Of A Soldier When Pregnant Wife Was Caught Cheating With 60 Other Guys

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