9 Absolutely Unexplainable Pics Straight From The Wtf Files

The internet is a really funny place to be on when it comes to pictures that come straight from the WTF files. The internet has given us a lot to laugh on and here we repay it for its consistency by looking at 15 pictures that look like they’re straight from the WTF files that you wouldn’t want to access or open by yourself.
What’s Happening Here?

These ladies look like they have assembled for an assembly in a Japanese school, but one look at their legs and you can tell that something not right is going on. All of them have their underwear at their ankles and this is worrying us.

This picture has a lot of things out of perspective. This looks like an innocent couple posing with their child, but there are a couple of things worrying us; the bruise on the woman’s eye and the color of the child’s skin.


This guy driving his car around in the city looks like he is doing something odd. He is either unsure about where shoes go, or he is not too sure about what to do with his shoes while driving. However, this certainly is a top of the list from the WTF files.

This is not the first time we have come up with a clueless look on our face, because it does take a lot to figure out what’s happening here. This man does look like he is in a costume. But what costume this is is and how he has managed to go inside is confusing.

Donuts Craze

Who in their right mind would like to lay down in a bathtub with a cluster on donuts on them? This guy certainly has his priorities disfigured as his donuts are taking much of the space in an area where he should have been taking a bath.

The first question that comes up in our mind after seeing this photo is who would want to have a teddy bear like this? The bear looks insanely big and a crotch that is sticking out in a very ugly and unattractive manner.
Couple Goals

The last thing a perfectly sane couple would want to do is to paint their faces white and stare down the ass hole of an animal. Insanity has its limits and these guys seriously don’t seem to comprehend where the limits are.

Some people just don’t realize how terrifying it can be to play with fire. We are assuming that they have body spray perfume sprayed all over their pants, which is why the fire would be on the surface, but you don’t try these things at home.


Who doesn’t love the character of Smurfs from the latest Disney movie with the same name? Well, you would be surprised to see how well these guys have destroyed your favorite character. They literally look like regrettable smurfs.
Weird Family

This family comes across as really weird to us. The small guy at the front seems to be the weirdest of the lot as he is supporting an accumulation of different spoons and mobile phones on his bare body. Who takes such family photos?

If there ever was an award for the weirdest picture you’ll ever see on the internet, this photo would win it hands down. The guy seems to be supporting a plastic bag with lingerie under it. The whole combination looks horrific.

This image is one of those pictures that a person wished they could unsee from their life. The picture is extremely weird and it takes a lot of confusion to solve the question regarding why an adult would do such an activity?

The thing about lingerie is that it only looks sexy when the right person is wearing it. Give it to the wrong person and you could end up making a fool out of the person as well as the outfit. This picture is a perfect example.

Going to the bathtub is an experience that a person wants to be soothing and delightful. This person however had made his bathtub into complete hell with all the accessories surrounding the water. Who would a bath here?

This topless preacher with a kangaroo in his hands looks like the kind of person you would want to avoid in any congregation. However, we are amazed at is how comfortable the Kangaroo is in the topless preacher’s hands.

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9 Absolutely Unexplainable Pics Straight From The Wtf Files

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