This 13-Year-Old Social Media Star Thinks She’s One Of The Most Hated Teens On Instagram

Danielle Cohn is a 13-year-old from Orlando. Like other young teens, she loves social media.

She is a huge fan of the app It’s a creative social app in which people can “make awesome short videos that you can share with your friends or the world.”

Generation Z is the primary demographic using, explains Business Insider. Most people use the app to create 15-second videos where they lip-sync, dance, or do stunts to popular music.

At age 11, Danielle started using the app. She quickly gained a lot of followers and frequently hit the app’s leaderboard. In 2016, she started getting ad requests.

Now, the teen has partnership and endorsement deals with brands like Six Flags, Live Nation, and Samsung. Danielle also boasts almost 10 million fans and 1.8 million Instagram followers.

Even though she has a ton of supporters and is a bona fide social media star, Danielle believes she’s one of the most hated teenagers on Instagram.

Photos: Instagram 1, 2 / daniellecohn

Danielle Cohn got her social media start using the app, where she shared short lip-synced videos with her friends.

She used the app so much that she started gaining tons of fans and was often on the leaderboard.

After using the app for a few months in 2016, Danielle’s following had grown so much that brands started reaching out to her.

Danielle told her mom, Jen, about the first ad offer, and she was blown away.

“She was so young, and she would be making more than me in a week — a lot more than me,” Jen told BuzzFeed.

Brands started flying Danielle and Jen to Los Angeles for business meetings.

Eventually, Jen quit her job to manage her daughter. In March 2017, Jen moved her kids (Danielle and her brother) to Los Angeles.

Now, 13-year-old Danielle is the sole breadwinner in her family. Jen spends all her time managing her teen daughter’s growing career.

Danielle’s social media success hasn’t been all smooth sailing, though.

At only 13, Danielle also has tons of people who criticize her for everything from her outfit choices to her dance moves.

There are a number of pages on Instagram devoted to hating Danielle — they’re full of negative comments and cruel posts.

The people on these pages (and her own account) regularly accuse Danielle of Photoshopping her pictures.

Many of the commenters say that Danielle’s outfits and poses are “inappropriate” for a 13-year-old. Others call out Jen for not parenting Danielle properly.

Criticism spiked when Danielle started dating another star, Sebastian Topete, because he’s 17.

Although there’s a big age difference between the lovebirds, Jen says she supports the relationship. She knows there could be consequences when Sebastian turns 18, but she’s positive the teens aren’t doing anything inappropriate.

Even though Jen was initially hurt by the hate pages set up against her daughter, Danielle has tried to not let them get to her.

She does, however, think that she gets a lot more hate than most young social media stars. “Many influencers are doing the same thing as me,” she told BuzzFeed, “sometimes even worse.”

Danielle continued:

I feel I am targeted the most because of being so young, growing my following within a year, and having support from my family who allow me to live my dream. It could be because a lot of my clothes are very revealing, even though I don’t find it that bad.

Danielle tries to stay positive and not take her haters’ words to heart. She explained:

It doesn’t bother me. It’s a bunch of little kids telling me I’m hungry, fat, I’m a slut. The people who know me know the truth, so I don’t let it get to me, ’cause obviously they’re doing it because something’s going on in their house, and they’re taking their anger out on me.Even though so many people claim to “hate” her, Danielle’s fans always stick up for her in the comments, and her followers continue to grow.

Now, Danielle hopes she can turn her social media following into a music career.

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This 13-Year-Old Social Media Star Thinks She’s One Of The Most Hated Teens On Instagram

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