Jennifer Aniston Finally Explains Why Her Nipples Were Always Being Shown On The Set of Friends

We all know and love the popular sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S and could never say no to sitting down with some buddies, ordering a pizza, and binge watching reruns all night. Although if we did, we would be sure to notice just how visible Rachel’s nipples really are in a large majority of the scenes. Rachel’s claimed nipple gate is apparent in every season, was this the producers doing, or did Jen produce the bra-less outfits herself, we wonder.
We really have no clue as to whether the nipples were intentional or not.

Season One was where it began.

As the iconic series kept showing, the character of Rachel Green became more and more popular…and apparently so did her nipple appearances.

Although her style was iconic during the release of the Friends episodes (and still is to this day), all people could really focus on was the nipples!

I mean, Jens’ nipples aren’t really something we should be too concerned about – she’s killing it!

via: Warner Bros Home Video
A lot of people are still referencing the nipplegate.

Although the show was two decades ago, people are STILL watching reruns and talking about just how apparent Rachel Green’s nipples really were.

It seems that nipplegate has been the main focus for people paying attention to Rachel in the show.

Maybe the set was just always extremely cold?

Jen is definitely the OG in many aspects.

Rachel showed young girls that they shouldn’t be afraid to wear what they like. Who says we should conceal our nipples? Not Rachel, obviously!

Jen finally confronts the nipple epidemic.

When talking about the matter with Vogue, Jennifer had this to say about Rachel’s nipple antics.

via: Vogue

She bravely states that woman should not be ashamed of their breasts – we love this Jen, keep on doing what you do. Rachel Green was such a great influence for young girls in society and still manages to be, so long after the series of F.R.I.E.N.D.S has ended. We will definitely go back and rewatch the 10 seasons for you Jen…and maybe keep an eye out for all those nipple cameos too.

The human body is a beautiful thing, so just because someone sees something as overly provocative (ie nips) or something generally unflattering (like stretch marks), we need to realize that beauty can come in all shapes, sizes, tones, and styles. One particular artist has taken unflattering stretch marks and turned them into rainbow body art. She has turned flaws into beauty and it’s absolutely inspiring!

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Jennifer Aniston Finally Explains Why Her Nipples Were Always Being Shown On The Set of Friends

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