10 Old, Rich Dudes With Hot, Young Wives

Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchison

US Magazine

Courtney and Doug met after she signed up for one of his acting classes. They chatted online, fell in love, and with the approval of Courtney’s parents, they got married in Vegas. The problem? He was 51 when they were first married and she was only 16! They’re still together today, though Doug has recently made claims they’re estranged and that she’s addicted to fame.

Robert Murdoch And Wendy Deng


Wendi Deng’s first marriage to an older man was in 1990, when her husband, Jake Cherry, was 30 years older than her. Their relationship didn’t last and he eventually filed for divorce. She then went on to marry Robert Murdoch who was 37 years older than her when they wed. She was 31 and he was 68. She was described by his family as being a golddigger and they eventually divorced.

Richard Lugner And Cathy Schmitz


Richard Lugner swore off marriage for the rest of his life after his fourth divorce. Then, he fell in love with Cathy Schmitz. She was a former Playboy model and German TV host who managed to convince the man to get married for the fifth time. When he was 81, he finally wed the 24-year-old model. Their marriage only lasted two years; Cathy suspected Richard of cheating and they got a divorce.

Bernie Ecclestone And Fabiana Flosi

International Business Times

When Bernie Ecclestone and Fabiana Flosi first got engaged in 2012, not everyone approved. That’s because he was 81 and she was only 35-years-old. He also had two daughters who were in their twenties! Things have since settled down, and most people close to the couple have stated how the two are good for each other and she’s in it for more than just the money.

Steve Martin And Anne Stringfield

Digital Spy

In 2007, Steve Martin threw a party with his girlfriend of three years, Anne Stringfield. They had all their friends over and surprised them by exchanging vows! The surprise wedding might be fun for some, but it was a bit controversial at the time. Anne is 27 years younger than Steve Martin! Steve welcomed a child with Anne in 2012 at the age of 71. He proves it’s never too late to be a dad!

Alec Baldwin And Hilaria Thomas

Page Six

Hilaria Thomas, 34, was a yoga instructor in New York when she met Alec Baldwin, 59. The two fell in love and got married in just a little over a year. They immediately started having children and haven’t stopped since! Hilaria has given birth to a daughter in 2013, a son in 2015 and in 2016, and last November of 2017, the couple announced they would be having a fourth child, a son.

Hugh Hefner And Crystal Harris

Huffington Post

Crystal Hefner was 23 when she and Hugh started dating in 2009. He was 83. They wed in 2012 and remained married until he died just last year. Hugh has always been known for having younger girlfriends and ladies hanging around his house. Crystal shocked everyone when she finally managed to get him to marry her after all of his years as an eligible bachelor.

Clint Eastwood And Dina Ruiz

The Daily Beast

Dina Ruiz was 31 when she married her 66-year-old husband, famous actor and director Clint Eastwood, in 1996. They met after doing an interview together and were dating for several years before they married. They had a child together, but unfortunately, these two divorced. They admitted in 2013 that they had been living separately for some time before their divorce.
Jade Foret And Arnaud Lagardere


Arnaud Lagardere is a French businessman who married his young wife when she was only 23-years-old. He was 52. Four years later, the couple is still in love and now have three children together. Jade is a model, but with her wealthy husband, she won’t have to worry about working now and focuses on being a mother. The couple hasn’t stated if they’ll have more children together or not.

Rod Stewart And Penny Lancaster


Rod Stewart got married for the third time 10 years ago. He and his wife, Penny Lancaster, wed in 2007 when she was 36 and he was 62. They have two children together, making seven total kids for Rod himself. His wife before that was Rachel Hunter, who was only 21 when they married in 1990. He was 45 at the time. Their marriage ended up lasting 16 years, but Penny and Rod don’t have any plans of breaking up anytime soon.

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10 Old, Rich Dudes With Hot, Young Wives

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