Hilarious Passive Aggressive Notes Show Just What It’s Like To Work In An Office

Offices are a great place to work, right? They have unlimited access to coffee, airconditioning (or heating) and if you’re lucky, super comfy seats to work from all day. The only bad thing, of course, is the fact that there are other people there, like, all the time.

And no matter how hard you try you’re never going to be best friends with everyone. NEVER. Maybe they dislike you because you stole their coffee cup once when yours was dirty, or maybe they got your promotion, OR maybe there’s just something about the face of sandy from accounting that makes you want to run your nails across a chalkboard.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try you just can’t get past some things that people do, so they need politely telling to cut it the hell out. What’s left to do after that if they don’t listen? Passive aggressive notes of course!

1. They’re just not into you…

2. I’m guessing there’s a working printer somewhere…

3. OR you could just leave them alone.

4. Apparently you were wrong. People DON’T know that.

5. Yeah Karen.

6. This is just asking for trouble…

7. Just kidding, no one misses you.

8. Tell me, where exactly do I find a “plane” envelope?

9. -1 days without sarcasm.

10. Damn Debbie. You’ve got a problem.

11. You could wash the cup OR you could waste time making a sign.

12. No purple sticky notes…

13. Actually, yes, I am a Dave!

14. The milk goes bad, and you don’t want to see it bad.

15. Is someone missing something?

16. That door is my spirit animal.

17. I’ll do what I want. Fight me Susan.

18. Duh, everyone knows that.

19. I will find you, and I will kill you.

20. Look children! It’s a dinosaur!

21. At least this person admits they’re passive aggressive.

22. What’s the point of having two?

23. Aren’t we all? Aren’t we all…

24. It’ll take number two.

25. Why not clean it instead of watching it for 6 months?

26. You’re totally right! My dishwashers name is Mark.

27. Again, why is it here!?


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Hilarious Passive Aggressive Notes Show Just What It’s Like To Work In An Office

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