The Horror of High? 20-Year-Old Girl Gets High on Crystal Meth and Gouges Her Own Eyes!

Everyone does crazy things when they get high, but 20-year-old Kaylee Muthart went above and beyond by gouging her eyes while high on crystal meth!

On the 6th of February, Kaylee Muthart, freaked out due to a drug overdose outside a church in Anderson, South Carolina, and then blinded herself.

She reportedly heard voices “from above” telling her to “sacrifice” her eyes to get to Heaven.Kaylee Muthart blinded herself after “hearing voices from above”. (Source: Facebook)

The crowd around her tried their best to stop her, but to no avail, as she removed her own eyeballs in search of Heaven. She fought off the people trying to stop her, so they had to call a team of deputies to control young Kaylee.

But they were too late to save the day in time, so she had to be transferred on a stretcher and was taken to the trauma unit in the Greenville Memorial Hospital.

All the doctors could do at that point was to clean out the remains in her orbital sockets in order to prevent infection.

They said that on the day of Kaylee’s hallucinogenic episode, she used meth laced with another harmful chemical, which made her think that the world was “upside down”.

The doctors are now giving her antibiotic drops, and have recommended that she keeps her eyelids moistened. She will also have to get prosthetic eyes to save her face from bacteria.

Katy Tompkins, Kaylee’s mother, told People that her daughter is recovering.

“She’s been doing wonderfully. Each day at a time, she just gets a little better and better,”

Katy is a mother to six other children apart from Kaylee. She said about the incident, “That was a struggle, I can’t even explain that feeling when I found out, it was horrifying. Complete terror, I was thankful she was alive, but I knew something was wrong with her.”

It was revealed by Kaylee’s mother that she had been using the illegal drug, methamphetamine, for six months before her hallucination episode, and was planning to go into rehabilitation just days before the event occurred. She called the drug “pure evil”.

She said, “The day before it happened, which was my birthday, I was getting ready to have her committed, just to get her off the streets and away from it.”

She also revealed that Kaylee had unknowingly started using meth-laced marijuana last year after she moved out, which caused her addiction.

Katy Tompkins also said that to relate to her daughter’s pain, she sometimes walks around the house with her eyes closed.

“I don’t like the dark, and I think, ‘Oh my gosh, that poor thing will always be in the dark.”

She is, however, very thankful to God for saving Kaylee’s life. Tompkins said, “I’m thankful. It’s a horrible thing, but I’m still thankful because God spared her life.”

She got messages from other mothers as well, whose children had been addicted to drugs.

“A lot of the mothers I talked to have kids that have been addicted to heroin for 10, 15 years and I’m like, ‘How did you get through it?’ My daughter was doing it for six months and it literally tore me up,” she described.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the effects of methamphetamine abuse include ‘rapid heart rate, irregular heartbeat, and increased blood pressure, Hyperthermia (elevated body temperature) and convulsions’.

Kaylee is soon to be discharged from the hospital and has already gotten a Go Fund Me page to help raise funds to get her a service dog. The goal was $8,000, which was raised by 190 people in 10 days.

The Go Fund Me page says:

“As we prepare for the long road to getting her situated in her new life we are asking for your help. The journey will no doubt require many things to allow her to live a full life. But If Kaylee’s story can help just one person, something good can come of this tragedy in our family.


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The Horror of High? 20-Year-Old Girl Gets High on Crystal Meth and Gouges Her Own Eyes!

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