Why Scientists Say This Model Has The Perfect Body

The Fashion Industry Didn’t Accept Her
Fashion often defines the perfect female figure as thin, but the University of Texas has scientifically proven otherwise. The study has narrowed down the specific measurements of the perfect female figure and actress and model Kelly Brooks fits the hypothetical glass slipper. Let’s take a closer look at Brook’s body for ahem scientific purposes, and see why she “measures” up to this study’s “perfect” standard. Check out these pics and see if you agree!When Kelly Brook decided to be a model, she had a very hard time finding an agent. She is a well-endowed, full-figured woman, but fashion saw her as being too fat. One man in the industry even callously referred to her as being plump. Perhaps, it was for the best that the modeling industry didn’t accept her.

What Hasn’t Kelly Brook Done?
Kelly Brook is now more than a model. She’s starred in movies, she’s a presenter on “Celebrity Juice,” she even did a few guest spots on the American sitcom “One Big Happy.” That’s just scratching the surface. And… oh yeah, she’s done some modeling, too. How, exactly, was Brook scientifically determined to have the perfect body?

How The Study Was Conducted
To find the perfect woman, scientists compared pictures of hundreds of diverse women. Each was compared based on their facial features, hair type and texture, body measurements, and age. Scientists studied angles of body parts, the length of hair, the symmetry of the woman’s face, and each woman’s body dimensions. They also turned to the general population for opinions on what they found attractive.

The People’s Verdict
Obviously, we in the general population don’t think of attractiveness in terms of facial symmetry and length of hair. So, to factor in the opinions of the average men and women, the scientists basically set up a more sophisticated version of “hot or not.” Participants were shown pictures of several women and queried as to whether or not the women were attractive.

The Method To The Madness
Beauty is a very subjective concept. The same woman who is beautiful in one person’s eyes can be considered hideous by another person. While one man may prefer a woman with large thighs, another man could prefer thinner thighs. Researchers combined data with participant responses to find the perfect measurements. So what are the measurements of the “perfect” woman?

The Golden Ratio
The scientifically perfect woman has a height of 1.68 meters with a 99-63-91 bust, weight, and hip measurements. (That’s 99 cm breast circumference, 63 kilograms weight, and 91 cm hip circumference.) In case you’re having trouble visualizing, these measurements definitely describe a curvy, full-figured woman. What makes these specific measurements so special? Scientists have a theory.

Fertility Is The Key!
The results of the study came from a survey of people alive today, but scientists linked their answers to the needs of ancient humans. Back then, humans needed to hunt and gather to survive, and the future of humanity depended on producing offspring. Brook’s curvy figure is scientifically perfect for bearing children. The results are based on more than size.

“Don’t Trust A Big Butt And A Smile”
The study isn’t focused on merely having a large backside. It has to do with the angle of the backside. In evolutionary theory, a woman with a 45.5 degree-angled butt would have been more able to continue gathering food during pregnancy. She would likely survive pregnancy because her perfectly angled behind would have cushioned her during delivery.

Is Anyone Safe?
Kelly Brook, the scientifically perfect woman, is still bullied by body shamers. In the summer of 2017, she shared a bikini picture with her fans. The trolls, unfortunately, came out to play. They called her a whale, and she eventually deleted the picture from her account because of all the hate. Still, Kelly has some great advice for everyday women.

“I Don’t Look Like Gisele, But I’m Proud Of My Curves!”
Brooks said the above to the Daily Mail. Even the “perfect” woman still gets hate sometimes. We may not all have the perfect dimensions, but any woman can love the skin she’s in. Even if you don’t have the perfect measurements, you can exude confidence just like the woman who does. Regardless of labels, you can feel beautiful!


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Why Scientists Say This Model Has The Perfect Body

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