25+ People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online (New Pics)

Online shopping is great! The convenience and prices are second-to-none, and there is a whole world of exciting new retailers to try.

There are downsides too, the environmental concerns of shipping a set of 50 cent hairclips over from China are real, especially if everyone starts doing it. And what about mom and pop’s general store on the high street? What happens to them?

Still, for sheer ease and the added thrill of never quite knowing how it’s gonna turn out, online shopping can’t be beat. Sometimes however, expectations don’t quite meet reality. That dress that looked amazing on a blurry photo of a model, might not look quite so amazing on you. Those $700 sneakers you just bought? They are actually tiny doll sneakers and you just got scammed.

We here at Bored Panda have compiled a list of all the times when online shopping went hilariously wrong, proving that sometimes, the mall or the high street is better after all.

Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and don’t forget to vote your favorites!

#1 Wait What Is It Made Of?

#2 I Got This Tank Top On Amazon And They Sent Me A Dress. On The Plus Side It Does Make My Ass Look Great

#3 Bought My Girlfriend A Pillow Of Myself For When She Went To University. Didn’t Work Out As I’d Hoped

#4 Beauty Products These Days

#5 Dinosaur Pillowcase

#6 My Sister Ordered A Dress Online

#7 I Saw $10 And Just Bought It

#8 I Knew I Was Taking A Gamble Ordering From Wish…. But Still, I Couldnt Stop Laughing When My Blanket Finally Arrived!

#9 Hopeless

#10 My Friend Ordered 50 Shades Of Grey On Ebay, This Is What She Received

#11 Online Shopping: Keeping Things Interesting. Amazon May Want To Recheck Those Product Dimensions

#12 This Is What Happens When You Buy A $20 Punching Bag From China

#13 Still Dope Af

#14 Never Buy A Speedometer From Aliexpress

#15 My Friend Ordered A Dustpan On Amazon…trying To Figure Out Where We Find A Broom To Match

#16 Bought New Shoes Online… Nice!

#17 This Scale

#18 Love My New Yeezys

#19 Shirt Online Vs. Reality…

#20 My Boss Ordered Chairs For The Break Room Last Year. He Did Not Get What He Expected

#21 I Can’t Handle This

#22 These Shoes

#23 You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do When You Don’t Have Tissue To Stuff Shoes

#24 Is China Just Trolling Everyone?

#25 I’m Never Ordering Online Again…

#26 A Good Tip

#27 This F*#$!^ng Mug

#28 Bought Rings Online

#29 Gotta Love Ebay

#30 Trust Me, I’m A Pepper

#31 Check Out This Three Foot Pool My Friend Got On Special From Online This Summer. I Can’t Wait To Jump In

#32 Ordered Two Shirts From Old Navy, Received 40 Pounds Of Security Tags And A Coupon

#33 Kai Ordered This “Pillow Husky” On Ebay. It Came Today… Not Quite The Same As Advertised

#34 They Weren’t Wrong…

#35 A Friend Ordered Two Snapbacks With A Custom Image. This Happened

#36 When You Are Not Sure About Your Outfit. It Says Lion Costume Online. Really? More Like A Bad Hair Day Costume

#37 My Mother Bought A Swing Set From Amazon… She Said This One Cost $17 The Other One Was $22

#38 In An Unusual Turn Of Events, Amazon Has Decided To Mail Me 72 Chinese Finger Traps Instead Of My Multivitamin

#39 These Chest Of Drawers Will Forever Haunt Me. When You Order A Chest Of Drawers And Don’t Have Any Concept On Size Or Cost Of Items And End Up With These

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25+ People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online (New Pics)

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