These Couples Are Perfect Examples That Opposites Attract

Love is beyond boundaries, beyond size, beyond color, LOVE is with feelings and emotions and less with appearance. Love is when you find your ‘perfect’ in the imperfections of your partner, for no one in this world is perfect.

Love is a highly unplanned emotion and can happen at any time, unexpectedly, and in an unexpected manner and in the unexpected intensity! Phew! Such is the magic and power of love.

These couples are absolutely different from each other, yet their photographs actually drip love, despite stark contrasts. Moreso, no two people can be the same, their choices, their lifestyles, their perceptions, their body-build and everything can be different, yet they can be bound by the emotion of LOVE. The similarity that establishes a connection between two different beings.

Have a look at pictures below to get the feels that accompany love.When size doesn’t matter…
Love does!

Love above all.
Without any terms and conditions.

Togetherness is what makes the couple.
United in love.

That’s like day and night,
Spending days together.

Love is all we need.
And that brings happiness.

One has the top…
And the other has the bottom.

Clad in black and white…
Did they decide?

Gosh! Wait!
Wouldn’t that be hurting?

Maybe, tanned after their bachelor’s on the beach?
Ummm… Looks like.

When total control is what she desires,
Above all.

Above all the difference…
Smiling together.

Maybe the guy should gain some weight now.
He definitely, should.

When height is of no concern.
What matters is company.

Too deep in love.
Feel free to share in comments section below, if you have pictures of different love.


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These Couples Are Perfect Examples That Opposites Attract

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