16 Ridiculous Security Fails That Are Too Good to Be True

When you need to protect something important like your home or your possessions, you take every step to ensure that your belongings are secure. However, some people just can’t seem to get it right, which leads to some truly ridiculous security fails.

What makes a ridiculous security fail so beautiful is the sheer ignorance of it. How can anyone not notice when they are committing a truly spectacular security failure? I guess they only really find out after a major security breach. Sometimes it takes making mistakes to learn, right?

Here are 16 ridiculous security fails that show just how little people pay attention to security sometimes. From improperly used bike locks to door codes that are just being given away, to ineffective fences and gates, these are some of the worst security measures ever by people just asking for a major security breach.

1. It would be really be surprising if this bike still belonged to this person. Maybe all the potential bike thieves also didn’t notice this ridiculous security fail.

2. Whoever used to own this drill probably doesn’t own it anymore. This kind of security failure can really screw things up for you. Get it?

3. Some ridiculous security fails seem to be the fault of others. It’s especially bad when the people who are there to protect you don’t even seem confident in their own abilities.

4. Can you still call it a major security breach if you’re not really breaking in? This gate doesn’t seem like it’s really protecting anything. Maybe it works on the honor system?

5. The logic behind this seems to be that the thief won’t be able to ride the bike, but if the thief just picks it up and carries it, they get a free pair of shoes too.

6. Duct tape can fix almost anything, but it can also lead to some pretty ridiculous security fails. Does anyone really think that having this stuff on an ATM is secure?

7. People like to think that criminals are stupid, but really, are they this stupid? Surely this situation is just asking for a major security breach.

8. One of the most ridiculous security fails is leaving your password or door code somewhere that someone could easily find it. This seems like it qualifies.

9. Some criminals utilize the latest in technology in order to bypass the world’s most advanced security systems. Other, arguably smarter criminals just make a stop at the dollar store.

10. Typically when you have a peephole on your door, it’s so you can see and not be seen. Something like a giant window might make one totally unnecessary, right?

11. Sometimes to avoid a major security breach, you need to just get a good old human security guard. However, there may still be a ridiculous security fail on their watch.

12. How many people just took this sign at face value? Was there just one guy that saw through this ridiculous security fail and opened the floodgates for others?

13. Nothing says “this area is secure” like a heavy iron gate. However, usually, that gate is accompanied by a fence. Otherwise, it’s just for decoration.

14. Out of all of these ridiculous security fails, this is the only photo where there is actual evidence of people literally finding a way around the system.

15. Sometimes security means safety and peace of mind. That’s why we have smoke detectors in our home. What can you do if your smoke detector spontaneously combusts, though?

16. What many ridiculous security failures come down to is this: people are sometimes just too trusting. So to avoid a security failure, just be more paranoid.


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16 Ridiculous Security Fails That Are Too Good to Be True

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