Top 28 Funny Responses To Wrong Number Texts

Have you ever accidentally sent a text message to the wrong number? We’ve all done it at some point and it’s usually an easy fix, but some people have a little more fun with it than others.

1. Texting can be a dangerous game when you slip up something as simple as one digit. While most of the time people will respond kindly and inform you that you have the wrong number, some people see the opportunity for mischief. Melanie decided to see if she could get a coworker to take one of her shifts, but clearly she made a mistake when she entered the number. The recipient played one cruel game by pretending they were Melanie’s fellow Old Navy employee and accepting her hours. Just a mere twenty-something minutes until her shift started, this person then informed Melanie that she had the wrong number and better get ready for work. At least this person wasn’t ruthless enough to completely let her miss her shift and risk her job at Old Navy. However, the mad dash Melanie is going to have to make to work probably isn’t ideal. Melanie will now know to call and confirm with anyone who “says” they will take her shift for her.

2. Aunty Pat had good intentions with her text message, she just can’t seem to get it to the right person. The fact that this recipient has added Aunt Pat as a contact under “wrong #” insinuates that this isn’t the first time she has mistakenly sent out some aunt love.

3. Sure, receiving a text from a wrong number is somewhat irksome, especially when they get a little too send-happy. However, this recipient got a little extreme with their response. Taking a page from Liam Neeson in Taken, this wrong number reply quickly took a turn into a death threat.

4. Wrong number texts are pretty embarrassing, especially when you commit to a more personal blurb. However, what makes this exchange even more awkward is that these two strangers have to meet face to face the following day, but who knows? Maybe this isn’t a wrong number slip up at all and this person gets attached a little too easily.

5. Delante isn’t having a very good day, his goldfish is recently deceased and his friend has a penchant for giving him the wrong number for kicks. Looks like Delante will be hitting up the streets all by himself, pondering his choice of friends and his ability to keep aquarium fish alive.

6. Not all unsolicited wrong number texts are unwanted. This person realized they sent a text to the wrong person, but that wrong person wouldn’t mind being the right person. Maybe this screenshot isn’t the end of their story and maybe these two strangers ended up partying until dawn together.

7. Sending a rogue picture to a text that isn’t in your contacts is a pretty bold move. However, this recipient decided to comically recreate the picture for their response. This is one wrong number text that the sender appears to definitely not regret sending. Why this sender would stop this image exchange so early in the game is beyond us.

8. There is nothing worse than getting the phone number of a girl or guy you just met, only to find out that they have given you a fake. However, this recipient was kind enough to also respond with a shirtless selfie to make this guy not feel as awkward.

9. This owl joke may be old and played out, but the response to this wrong number text was pretty clever. You do have to wonder though, who randomly texts someone who isn’t in their contacts that they sound like an owl? What were this person’s intentions with that text message?

10. Pedro is another victim of receiving a fake number, but at least his unintentional recipient seems consoling. Maybe this isn’t the end of the conversation, maybe these two embarked in an emotional conversation that changed them both for the better. Poor Pedro, hopefully he’ll find love in the club someday soon.

11. Considering this person caught themselves in their mistake before a response was necessary, there was really no need for the recipient to say anything. However, clearly this person still felt obligated to also share a steamy shower selfie. This girl will probably be a little more cautious the next time she sends out post-shower shots.

12. Something tells me that this guy probably wasn’t chatting with the girl he thought he was if he was given a wrong number. However, this recipient decided to have some fun and send him some pictures, not the kind he was probably hoping for. Maybe this isn’t a case of a wrong number at all, maybe this guy was the Omegle girl all along.

13. Anton certainly seems like a frantic kind of guy with his admiration for capital letters, but he’s going to have to think fast because clearly he has the wrong number, which might make meeting in 10 minutes awfully inconvenient. Hopefully, Anton realizes from that picture that who he’s texting isn’t Boo.

14. Apparently the person this text was intended for didn’t share the same feelings about running into them last night. At least the person he did end up texting has a sense of humor and a wonderful taste in hats. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they will be hooking up for vino or coffee.

15. If there is anything people should know about women who are trying on something new for the first time, it’s that you do not insult them. This lady was probably incredibly relieved when she figured out that she had just texted the wrong number, but also still mildly offended.

16. This person poured their heart out to the wrong person, but at least they got an “I love you” back. Next time, this person might want to start with a “hello” before diving in and getting all apologetic. So many of these people would never run into these situations if they just called people instead.

17. Standard cable, standard cat — same thing, right? In all seriousness, this text message really leaves you wondering what the context behind the picture message of the cable was. You can only hope though that this person responded with a picture of himself saying that he was the standard guy.

18. After sending such a heartfelt Thanksgiving message, this person must have been heartbroken to receive this doomed response from his or her “coach.” You really just have to hope that the person who responded to this message eventually told this person that they reached the wrong number or that is just cruel.

19. Those haircuts might be pretty ugly, but who knows, if enough people get them done they may just become the new style. You have to wonder where this conversation would have gone if Jeff ended up being down for one of the two unconventional cuts, maybe Mary would be out of the picture and this person would become an impromptu hairdresser.

20. It’s strange just how many people feel completely comfortable just jumping into a conversation with a random question rather than greeting them first. Normally, this can make wrong number exchanges incredibly uncomfortable. However, you have to appreciate just how polite these two strangers are to one another and who doesn’t love a grumpy cat photo?

21. If you’re going to call yourself the name of a widely used tool, you better prepare yourself for the jokes and laughs that will inevitably come with it. Considering Hammer is asking this person if they are all right, you would imagine his concern would result in him at least get the number right.

22. Just like the text message of the picture with the cable, you have to wonder what exactly context behind this picture is. The cantaloupe doesn’t even really look that big, at least not irregularly large enough to warrant a picture message. Maybe this person sends unsolicited cantaloupe pictures for fun.

23. Now that’s quite the text message to receive out the blue. Clearly one of Carmen’s bridesmaids had a little too much fun at her bachelorette party. At least Brian seems like a nice guy, which isn’t too surprising considering his career involves wooing women. However, Brian’s charm isn’t going to work on this guy.

24. This guy is super eager if he received this number no more than five minutes ago and is already shooting texts. You have to hope that he just typed down the number wrong, but maybe Sophie just isn’t interested. At least this recipient knows the pain and he’ll have someone to vent to.

25. It’s a little confusing just who had the wrong number here, but clearly the sender is open to talking to anyone. However, this recipient did not make a typo when they wrong grill. Whatever this person is looking for, he’s probably not going to get it from this jokester.

26. The person who responded to this text with hilarious pictures of Aaron Carter would be sure to get a good laugh from anyone who grew up in the 90sl. However, it looks like the person who got the pictures isn’t too sure who Aaron Carter even is. I wonder how long this conversation went on for.

27. Imagine if you accidentally sent a slightly provocative photo to a wrong number. What would you do? Suffer a mild heart attack or just brush it off? Clearly, this girl doesn’t care who is on the receiving end of her risqué selfies, some people just happen to love an audience.

28. This person may have inquired to the wrong person about bike pictures, but at least they still got one of a classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ride. Maybe this picture will inspire the sender to rethink their entire purchase and opt for a more child-friendly way to get around town.

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Top 28 Funny Responses To Wrong Number Texts

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