10+ Confessions From Moms About What Giving Birth Really Feels Like

Giving birth is a beautiful gateway for new life entering into the world. For some, it is a special feeling, for some, it can be terrifying, magical or totally surprising. But one thing is for sure; it is certainly unique for every woman who gets to experience it.

Here are confessions by mothers about what they went through while giving birth to their little munchkins. From the unbearable labour pain to the emotional swings there is immense that a lady giving birth has to deal with.

Also, please note that the pictures in the story have only been used for the purpose of illustration. Enjoy reading!#1 Amy, 32
“Everyone said pushing was the best part, and they were dirty liars. Pushing out a baby feels like taking a giant, fiery poop. Like if you ate 100 hot peppers and then pooped out a watermelon. That’s what it felt like.”

#2 Kacie, 34
“When I was pushing out my first son, who was born at home, I was certain that the pain I was experiencing would never leave my body, that this feeling was permanent. I thought that a bunch of hippies had duped me into thinking the work would be worth it. But sure enough, it left in an instant, and I’d do it a thousand times over.”

#3 Lauren, 31.
“Birth is intense. The experience is sort of out-of-body. Time has no meaning. It’ll feel like time is dragging at certain points and then at other times, you’ll look up and suddenly realize hours have passed without your recollection. You also feel like you want to escape your own body – like this fight-or-flight instinct that keeps telling you to look for a way out because it’s so intense – but you can’t.”

#4 Kristen, 34.
“The whole birthing experience felt really out of control and like someone else had taken over my body. Pushing my child out felt like someone was ripping my vagina apart using long, sharp nails that are also on fire. I actually yelled at my midwife to stop using her nails to pull my vagina apart, and she told me she wasn’t even touching me!”

#5 Katie, 28
“Giving birth was like experiencing every feeling and emotion possible. It was one of the most amazing times with my husband and we were given the incredible gift of life. No matter how different it went than we wanted it to, it was awesome! My husband would like to add that he imagines it to feel like ‘sliding down a joy rainbow into a cloud of kittens.'”

USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Mother with baby boy (2-5 months ) taking nap together[/caption]

#6 Jen, 32
#6 Jen, 32

#7 Katie, 26
“With my second child, I had an epidural, so giving birth felt like a lot of pressure and almost like you’re giving the biggest B.M. of your life. They say you don’t feel pain, but I almost think your body can’t tell the difference when it’s intense at the end. And afterward, the biggest relief ever. Once that baby is out, phew. You can breathe.”

#8 Claire, 33
“Giving birth felt like… I was dying.”

#9 Olivia, 26
“All the things you think birth will feel like will be wrong. I read all the books and thought I was so prepared, but it was way different than what I expected. It was much easier than I expected in some ways, but also a lot harder in other ways (like delivering the placenta afterward).”

#10 Luren, 31
“I could do this every day. Honestly, it was so much easier to push this baby out than going through these 10 months of pregnancy.”

#11 Anna, 35
“This was our third, and I can honestly say it felt ethereal. We have been trained that it is all pain, but coming at it with a different vantage point and desire changed everything. The word ‘pain’ never even crossed my mind. Pressure yes, pain no.”

Four month old baby, series with mother

#12 Amanda, 28
“Giving birth to me physically felt similar to breaking my tailbone. When I broke my tailbone, that’s how I knew it was broken, because it felt the same as when I felt the urge to push. So much pressure on my pelvis and tailbone!”

A woman in travail[/caption]

#13 Lori, 39
“Natural childbirth felt like fire. Literal fire in my nether regions. I honestly left my body for most of it. I felt like I was looking down on myself from above.”

Source of confessions: Cosmopolitan

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10+ Confessions From Moms About What Giving Birth Really Feels Like

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