10 Celebs Who Did A Total 180 After Giving Birth (And 10 Who Weren’t Ready To Be Moms)

There’s no doubt that parenthood really changes people. How could it not? One day, you’re responsible for exactly one person, yourself, and then suddenly, the next day, you’ve got another little human being that is depending on you for everything. It can totally shift your perspective on life, and you will probably never be the same.

For many people, this is a very positive change. They say that having children made them aware of what is really important in life—for example, spending lots of quality time with your family rather than working overtime to make more money. Some parents become more conscious of the fact that things like partying, buying nice things, or hanging out with “high status” people won’t really make you happen in the end, but having strong bonds with your loved ones will.

However, not everyone wakes up and turns their life around when they become a parent. Some women go through serious personality changes when they enter motherhood, and they come out the other side as a better person, while others actually change for the worse. Here are 10 celebrity moms who did a complete 180 after giving birth and 10 who went totally downhill.

TOTAL 180: KIM KARDASHIANThere’s no doubt that motherhood has changed Kim K for the better. She used to be totally materialistic and only cared about how she looked on her reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Her career began with a scandal, and that was how she continued to get attention over the years. But now that she has had three children—North, Saint, and Chicago—it seems like she is almost becoming a new person. She has definitely calmed down a lot, and her fans say that she is very sweet if you ever get the chance to meet her. She has even spent some time away from the spotlight. Furthermore, her and her husband, Kanye West, actually seem to have a stable and loving marriage. This is a big change from her romantic history—remember when she was married to Kris Humphries for 72 days? We’re glad that Kim is on the right path now.

WASN’T READY: FARRAH ABRAHAMFarrah Abraham is probably the most notorious woman to appear on the shows, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. Obviously, she began appearing in the first series because she was pregnant and struggling, but some of the young moms really got their act together after the first season. After they had their babies, they turned their lives around and started working towards a better future. Not Farrah, though. Make no mistake, she has made plenty of money to support her daughter in various ways—none of which are really appropriate for a mother. She is always at the center of some new scandal. In fact, Farrah’s behavior just seems to get worse and worse with each passing year of motherhood! She has probably embarrassed her daughter and the rest of her family more times than we could possibly count. Hopefully, her child doesn’t take after mom when she grows up.

TOTAL 180: KYLIE JENNERThe world was totally shocked when it turned out that the rumors were true—yup, Kylie Jenner was actually pregnant, and she had successfully hidden it from the press for the entire nine months. Now, how did this spotlight-loving reality TV star manage to do that? Well, when it was finally time to reveal the truth to the world, she posted on Twitter, saying that pregnancy had been a beautiful and empowering experience, and she realized that she needed to share it with her friends and family alone. During this time, she realized the true value of privacy for her and her baby. This was definitely a grown-up move on Kylie’s part. Remember, we’re talking about a girl with millions of followers on Instagram, who usually posts her whole life on her Snapchat story! Motherhood has shown Kylie that there is more to life than clicks, views, and fame.

WASN’T READY: BRITNEY SPEARSLook, we’ll give Britney Spears a little credit here—she is definitely a better mom now than she used to be. But now let’s take a walk down memory lane so that you can see exactly why she ended up on this list in the first place! Everyone remembers Britney’s 2007 breakdown—when she shaved her head and had an extremely public meltdown in every area of her life. We don’t want to mock her—it’s clear that she was dealing with some very serious mental health issues, and she has definitely gotten help for the problems she was dealing with since then. But motherhood was one factor that pushed her over the edge. When she first had kids, it was obvious that she could not handle the responsibility. She was always putting them in dangerous situations, like driving without seatbelts, and she was rightfully criticized for this behavior.

TOTAL 180: WHITNEY PORTWhen the reality TV show, The Hills, was airing, every girl in America was totally addicted. The show followed a group of friends living in Los Angeles, and it showcased all of the drama from their personal and professional lives. At the time, Whitney was holding down an internship at Teen Vogue alongside the star of the show, Lauren Conrad, so she became a regular cast member. Naturally, she was always around drama and working in the fashion industry, she was always concerned with material things. But now that she is a mom, she seems to have totally turned things around. She is very honest about her life and motherhood online, and she even runs her own blog all about motherhood, where she confesses all of the times she wishes her baby would act differently! Unlike “reality” TV shows, Whitney isn’t here to sugar coat things anymore—she would rather be authentic.

WASN’T READY: BLAC CHYNASometimes, we forget that Blac Chyna is even a mom because she is always in the tabloids for other reasons. Seriously, does she consider what her children would think when she acts out and starts drama on social media? She has a son with the rapper, Tyga, and a daughter with Rob Kardashian. She split with Tyga when he began dating Kylie Jenner, but then “made up” with the Kardashians when she began dating Rob. She is constantly dragging the Kardashians on social media, so that whole reconciliation thing did not actually turn out too well. In fact, Rob and Chyna got into some very public fights on social media, and this resulted in her getting a restraining order against him. So it looks like both of her kids will be raised without their fathers in their lives. It’s a very sad state of affairs for her little family.

TOTAL 180: LAUREN CONRADAnother star from The Hills has made the list! Yup, Lauren Conrad has also changed a lot since settling down and becoming a mom. When Lauren was in high school, she and her friends were cast to star in the reality TV series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. Although she quickly became known as a reality TV star, she was never truly interested in becoming a celebrity—she had always wanted to be a fashion designer. While she was on The Hills, she was always involved in a ton of drama, like fighting with fellow cast members, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Her entire career was based on creating drama for MTV. Now she is a mom, writer, and works in the fashion industry, just like she had always wanted since she was a little kid. You will never see her name in the tabloids anymore—those days are behind her!

WASN’T READY: AMBER ROSEAmber Rose and Wiz Khalifa seemed like such a happy couple. Sure, we all knew that celebrity marriages often fall apart, but still, many people had high hopes for them. They just seemed to work so well together. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be, and the couple split up years ago. They had a son together named Sebastian. Now, you would think that after the divorce, Amber would have gotten her act together to set a better example for her son, but that was not what ended up happening. She ended up getting involved in a string of bad relationships, and she even publicly got into a fight with Kanye West on Twitter. In fact, she just went through another break up with the rapper, 21 Savage. It seems like she just cannot settle down and find a stable relationship—staying with one person is always better for the child involved.

TOTAL 180: JANET JACKSONJanet Jackson has really changed since becoming a mother. It seems like her whole life has turned around for the better. After all, for the past couple years, it seemed like the only time the public really remembered her was when they brought up her scandalous Super Bowl outfit malfunction! Being in the public eye for all the wrong reasons must not be much fun. Since then, Janet tried to stay away from scandals, and we haven’t heard much from her except for the occasional new song. But since becoming a mom, she seems to be very happy with her life. Just look at how cute she and her son are together! They are positively glowing. Janet is currently a single mom, but despite the fact that she went through a divorce shortly after having her son, she is making the best of her life with him every single day.

WASN’T READY: GWYNETH PALTROWIs Gwyneth Paltrow a truly awful, neglectful mother? No, not from what we can see. She is just so out of touch, and it seems like she has only gotten more closed off from the real world since becoming a mother. After having children, Gwyneth started showing a side of herself the world hadn’t seen before and revealed that she really did not understand what life was like for the average working mom. Basically, it always seemed like she was preaching about her own lifestyle while looking down on other moms who could not afford to live like her family. Not cool, Gwyneth! We hope that her kids turn out to be more well adjusted, but living in Hollywood, what are the chances? Gwyneth also spreads a lot of “wellness” advice that turns out to be complete pseudoscience. She gives out potentially harmful advice to other moms that listen to her.

TOTAL 180: PINKWe all remember what Pink’s old image was like—she was definitely a lot more “out there” a few years ago. Honestly, Pink just seems to love motherhood. There is no doubt that she is just as happy as she says she is. She said that for a long time, she was not sure if she wanted to have a baby at all. She thought that having a child with her husband, Carey Hart, would be amazing, but she was also so scared for all of that responsibility! Uh, yeah, we don’t blame her. But she says now that they have two children together, she thinks it was the best decision they could have made. The couple struggled to stay together before having kids, but now their marriage is much more stable. It’s clear that they have put their kids ahead of any silly fights or pointless conflicts out of love.

WASN’T READY: TORI SPELLINGTori Spelling has always been addicted to the spotlight—after all, her father is a Hollywood producer, so she grew up around the cameras. She has always been wealthy and somewhat spoiled, and her first few TV roles were basically handed to her at a young age. Well, none of that is her fault, right? You should totally take advantage of connections if you have them. But Tori had made lots of other poor decisions in her life, such as jumping right from one husband to another. She has had five children with her second husband, Dean McDermott. But she did not suddenly become a level-headed, responsible mother after having kids. She actually got the family into a load of financial trouble with her obsession with buying and selling real estate. This just goes to show that she was willing to gamble their futures to further her own interests.

TOTAL 180: HAYDEN PANETTIERERemember the TV show, Heroes? The first couple of seasons were so great, and Hayden Panettiere seemed like she was on the path to stardom. For a couple years, she was on the cover of every teen magazine in the country. She is still a big name on TV with her role in the series, Nashville. After she had her daughter in 2014, she actually experienced postpartum depression. This is more common than everyone seems to think—new moms often struggle, and it’s totally understandable considering all of the responsibility they have to take on! Hayden actually ended up taking some time off acting to get treatment—and for someone who got her first role before she was even one year old, this represented a major shift in values. She seems to be doing much better now, and she has spoken up about how new moms shouldn’t be scared to ask for help.

WASN’T READY: JAID BARRYMOREMost people have heard some bad stories about Hollywood moms, but Jaid Barrymore puts most of those mothers to shame. She was always fame-hungry, even before her daughter, Drew Barrymore, was born, but after having Drew, she became even worse. Basically, Jaid viewed Drew as her ticket to becoming even more famous, especially since Drew was so successful as a child star. She seemed to use motherhood as a marketing strategy for herself—she was Drew’s mom, so she should get a slice of the Hollywood pie too, right? She began taking Drew to Hollywood parties at the age of nine, where illegal substances were used. This was obviously very unsafe for a child to be around, but did Jaid care? Nope, not one bit. Eventually, things got so bad that Drew legally emancipated herself from her mother. She also went to rehab to work on her substance abuse issues.

TOTAL 180: GWEN STEFANIGwen Stefani has had a rocky history with relationships, but there is no doubt that she has changed for the better since becoming a mom. She has three children now, but unfortunately, she is divorced from their father, Gavin Rossdale. But there is no question that Stefani is a very different woman than she was before having children. In fact, when she was in the band, No Doubt, she almost split up the band because of her relationship issues with a fellow band member. Yup, she let her personal drama get in the way of making music and touring. But when she married Rossdale and they started a family together, everything changed. She began making solo music, and her personal life was much more stable. Basically, becoming a mom showed her what a healthy relationship should look like. She also got in touch with her solo style as an artist.

WASN’T READY: WHITNEY HOUSTONYes, everyone loved Whitney Houston’s music, and the public mourned when she died. But there are some unsavory aspects of Whitney’s past that it seems like some people have forgotten about. We’re not here to disrespect her talent or success at all, but we have to be honest—she was not a great mother. Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, said that she witnessed some awful behavior in her household while growing up. She says that her mother even used illegal substances around her, even though Whitney had supposedly gotten clean. But it simply wasn’t true, and Bobbi had to deal with the reality of her mother’s addiction. Eventually, Bobbi also began to struggle with addiction. Both mother and daughter would spend their lives suffering because of this. While Whitney had an incredible talent and touched many people’s lives with her music, it’s clear that she did not take good care of her daughter.

TOTAL 180: COCO AUSTINWho hasn’t sat down with some ice cream in front of the TV and binge watched a few episodes of the guilty pleasure reality show, Ice Loves Coco? It’s easy to think that Coco is nothing but a shallow, materialistic model. After all, every time Ice and Coco are on a show together, it seems to be all about showing off their fancy things. But there is definitely more to Coco than meets the eye, and she has a side that many people did not see until she became a mom. She says that she was very nervous about pregnancy because her body would change, so she was scared that she would lose modeling work. But this did not happen, and she also began to see that love and family were so much more important than her looks. She had her baby, Chanel, in 2015, and now she loves being a mom.

WASN’T READY: COURTNEY LOVECourtney Love wasn’t in such great shape before she had her daughter, Frances, with her late husband, Kurt Cobain. She struggled with issues like addiction, and her parents did not approve of her relationship with Kurt. She was already walking down the wrong path, but after Frances was born, things took a turn for the worse. After Kurt’s death, it was just Courtney and Frances, and life was no picnic. As Frances grew up, she began to realize how truly toxic her mother’s behavior had become. Her mom was still dealing with addiction, and eventually, Frances had to leave. She could no longer live in that environment. Being a single mother after her husband’s death could not have been easy—not one bit—but there is no excuse to treat a child this way. However, it does seem like Frances and Courtney have reconciled some of their differences in recent years.

TOTAL 180: NICOLE RICHIERemember the days when Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton were all over your TV screen and every single tabloid cover? Yup, it seemed like those two were running Hollywood for a while. Their faces were literally everywhere—you couldn’t escape them! But their golden days are over, and they don’t speak much anymore. In fact, it seems like Nicole has totally disappeared from the Hollywood radar—what could have happened? Well, many things changed in Nicole’s life, but one very important thing happened— she became a mom. She married Joel Madden, had two children, and then moved to Australia with him because of his work commitments. She is acting again on the NBC sitcom, Great News, in her first scripted role. Yup, she has definitely done a complete 180 since her days of running around all the clubs in Los Angeles with Paris Hilton! Motherhood has definitely been good for her.

WASN’T READY: BROOKE MUELLERWho could forget when Charlie Sheen had a massive public meltdown a few years ago? And even as his career was falling apart because of his attitude, he could not stop repeating his famous catchphrase: “Winning!” Nope, Charlie, you were actually losing—and so were your wife and kids. At the time, Charlie was married to Brooke Mueller, who had her own issues. After having kids, her problems only seemed to get worse, and it was clear that she could not handle the responsibilities of motherhood. Although she says she is a much better mother now, her children were once taken away from her because of her issues with addiction. She has even received a DUI in the past, and she had to go to rehab. Eventually, the courts granted her custody of her children once more, so hopefully, she has finally managed to turn things around and change for the better.

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10 Celebs Who Did A Total 180 After Giving Birth (And 10 Who Weren’t Ready To Be Moms)

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