15 A-List Celebs Who Paid Their Baby Mamas To Disappear

Miami is a great city, but it’s not the best city for marriage. It’s even worse when you are the wife of a 4-time NBA champion, and you are trying to keep your husband away from all the beautiful girls sitting in the arena. It was a whole new lifestyle, and it was too much for Shaq’s ex-wife, Shaunie O’Neal, at least according to what she told Essence magazine in 2010. In the end, the couple divorced, and it cost Shaq millions of dollars.

More than ever, men of certain financial status are finding themselves in a similar dilemma. They get overwhelmed by hotties who come out of the blue, and voila, a baby is born. It gets worse when the man in question is married because he is now forced to conceal his dirty deeds. Here is a man with an out-of-wedlock kid trying to protect his reputation and his public image. The viable route is usually to pay the baby mama to terminate the pregnancy or to keep her silence; of course, after she has signed an ironclad confidentiality agreement.

But keeping everything a secret does not always work, and when it doesn’t, we are talking paternity tests, divorce, ruined careers, shattered dreams, and a descent from the upper echelons of prosperity and fame. Sometimes it can work for a short while, in fact, most of the time it works for a short time, but in the long run, the cheater gets busted and is forced to come clean about his indiscretions. He then becomes the subject of public scrutiny. This is the price that some celebrity men have had to pay for fathering babies under the wrong circumstances.

CRISTIANO RONALDO: PAID A WOMAN £10 MILLION TO WITHHOLD HER IDENTITY AND HAND OVER THE BABY TO HIS FAMILYCristiano Ronaldo fathered a child after a one-night fling with an unknown woman. The then 25-year-old former Manchester United forward then paid a hefty sum of £10 million to the woman to conceal her identity and to hand over the baby to Cristiano’s family. The Portuguese footballer met the woman in a restaurant while visiting the United States and the two ended up doing the deed. Cristiano had reportedly charmed the stranger with his vibes.

After realizing she was pregnant, the woman tracked Ronaldo through his agent, Jorge Mendes, and the Real Madrid player agreed to undertake a DNA test. He then confirmed that he was responsible for the baby.

According to the lothario star player, the mother wanted to remain anonymous while the child would be entirely under his watch and care. Cristiano’s family later revealed the child’s name and stated that he had been born in the United States. However, back in Portugal, rumors were rife that Ronaldo had used a surrogate woman to carry his child because he missed being a dad.

MICHAEL JACKSON: PAID A $20,000 SURROGACY FEEMichael fathered a son named Prince Michael Jackson II (Blanket), who was born on February 21, 2002, in Southern California, and who is his youngest child. Very little is known about his mother, but she is supposedly named Helena and was chosen by MJ and paid a $20,000 surrogacy fee. On Blanket’s birth certificate, Michael is identified as the father though the mother’s section was allegedly left blank.

The boy was conceived through IVF using Michael’s sperm, and the lady signed legal papers and handed over the child’s rights to Jacko. The pop star wanted one more baby, and he was quite specific about the genetics. He knew the gene pool he needed to exploit and sought the services of Dr. Lila Schmidt in early 2001. Michael chose this route because the mother of his eldest children, Debbie Rowe, had medical complications at the time.

One of the women presented to him as a viable candidate was Helena, a US citizen with a Latino background and fair skin, and he was impressed with her background information. At the time, Helena lived on the outskirts of San Diego, and after organizing a meeting, Michael was convinced she was the perfect candidate.

JAMIE FOXX: BABY MAMA IS LIVING LARGE COURTESY OF MR. FOXXJamie Foxx has for the longest time managed to hide the identity of his baby mama, Kristin Grannis. But the woman was spotted with the youngster in October 2017. 40-year-old Grannis was walking with her nine-year-old daughter, Annalise, in Los Angeles as they laughed and bonded.

Apparently, Grannis quit her PR job some ten years ago when she was expectant with Annalise and has been receiving support from Foxx ever since. According to Grannis’ dad, the relationship between Foxx and her daughter would have been alright if Katie Holmes was missing from the picture. However, according to the 78-year-old man, the relationship has been tense because Foxx is ‘preoccupied.’

Foxx and Grannis can never be seen together, but Foxx allegedly hosts dinner in LA once in a while. Katie and Foxx have been seeing each other since 2013, and we can only imagine the amount he paid Grannis to stay out of his life. Reports claim that Grannis has been living large on Foxx’s dime. Foxx’s other baby mama, Connie Kline, was uncovered in 2016. She drives a Benz registered under Foxx and lives in a property listed under Foxx’s business associates.

DJ PAULY D: BABY MAMA TOOK MONEY THEN CHANGED HER MINDPauly D was having fun with a woman named Amanda Market before their rendezvous was halted by a pregnancy. The mean-spirited Amanda then tried to sell some texts that contained conversations of DJ Pauly D asking her to get rid of the baby – he was willing to pay. In the messages, the ex-Jersey Shore personality wants Amanda to get rid of the baby because the two of them barely know each other and had not planned for the pregnancy. In addition, they live thousands of miles apart.

Amanda allegedly accepted the money then later changed her mind. Naturally, Amanda had the right to make any decision with her body, but the change in direction seemingly angered Pauly D. Amanda went ahead and delivered the baby, then Pauly D changed his tune; he now wants custody of the little girl. He argued that he wanted to spend as much time as possible with his daughter and that he did not trust the ex-waitress with his kid.

Amanda’s boyfriend, Donn Barbitta, was blindsided by this pregnancy and was made to believe he was the biological dad. He later broke up with Amanda after realizing he wasn’t.

PAUL WALKER: PAID BABY MAMA TO STAY AWAY FROM HIS GIRLFRIENDPaul Walker started dating his baby mama, Rebecca J. Soteros (Rebecca McBrain) in 1998, and that same year, they had a child, Meadow Rain Walker, who was born on November 4, 1998. But The Fast and Furious actor never married McBrain even though the two were madly in love.

At the time of their courtship, Walker was only 25 years and was not mature enough to get into marriage. The couple then split in 1999 and Meadow lived with her mom in Hawaii for a long time. McBrain had allegedly been dealing with alcoholism and had two DUIs under her belt. The drinking problem had been going on for years and this forced Meadow to call her dad in 2011 to live with him in LA.

Unfortunately, Walker passed away on November 30, 2013, in a horrible accident. At the time of his demise, Walker was dating longtime girlfriend, Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell. He had paid McBrain an unknown sum to keep her away from Jasmine.

MATHEW KNOWLES: ALLEGEDLY BRIBED A WOMAN WITH $225,000 IN EXCHANGE FOR HER SILENCEHe is best known for having fathered one of the greatest entertainers of our generation, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, commonly known as Beyoncé. He is also the dad to Beyoncé’s sister, Solange. However, Mr. Knowles is notorious for fathering love children.

In 2009, Mathew Knowles’ mistress, Alexsandra Wright, accused him of impregnating her after an eighteen month affair. At the time, Mr. Knowles was still married to Tina Knowles, and the couple had been together since 1980.

Mathew took responsibility for Alexsandra’s son; a development that led to the end of his 31 years of marriage to Tina while Beyoncé sacked him as her manager. But to prove that Mr. Knowles had not learned his lesson, a second woman, Taqoya Branscomb also came forward in 2014 claiming that Mr. Knowles was responsible for her daughter, Koi. As usual, he denied the claims until DNA results confirmed he was responsible. Taqoya thought Knowles had a vasectomy and was shocked when she got pregnant. To cover his deeds, Mr. Knowles allegedly paid Taqoya $225,000 in exchange for her silence, but she was having none of it

DAN MARINO: SIRED A LOVE CHILD WITH A CBS ASSISTANT THEN PAID HER MILLIONS TO KEEP IT A SECRETFormer Miami Dolphins quarterback, Dan Marino, married the love of his life, Claire, in 1985 and they were blessed with six children. The marriage seemed happy but the world was yet to be shocked by the scandalous secret Marino had been hiding for almost nine years.

In 2013, word came out that Marino had been involved in an illicit affair in 2004 with 35-year-old Donna Savattere, a former CBS employee. Their romance resulted in the birth of a daughter named Chloe who was born in 2005. Marino had no choice but to confess that he had been unfaithful to his wife and accepted the responsibility of fathering the child. What was somewhat shocking was how Marino had managed to keep this scandal a secret for more than eight years. He had remained tight-lipped even to his seniors at CBS where he was working as a sports analyst for The NFL Today.

Apparently, the former American football quarterback had agreed to pay millions of dollars to Savattere in exchange for her silence. The network underling even moved to Texas as part of the deal. The exact amount was never revealed, but sources claim Savattere started living large.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: SENT HUSH MONEY TO HIS MISTRESS AND DENIED ITArnold Schwarzenegger shocked the world with one of the biggest celebrity lovechild scandals when he confessed that he had sired a child with Mildred Patricia Baena, the family housekeeper who had been working for the Schwarzenegger’s for more than two decades.

His wife, Maria Shriver, noted the resemblance between the Austrian-American actor and the housekeeper’s kid and started doing an investigation. Baena admitted that Schwarzenegger was responsible for Joseph and that the two had been seeing each other secretly. Arnold also owned up, and Maria pulled the plug on their twenty-five-year marriage. The former Governor of California had to make a public statement admitting his wrongdoings.

One thing that the Governator has continued to deny outrightly is that he paid Mildred hush money. Well, how do you explain sending money that you have not been asked for? Schwarzenegger suddenly started sending money to Mildred even though the two had never sat down to discuss Joseph’s fate. Mildred never asked why he was giving the money and Arnold has maintained the cash was never supposed to keep her from revealing their relationship, and the child.

MICHAEL JORDAN: PAID A MISTRESS $250,000 FOR PREGNANCY AND PROMISED TO ADD AN EXTRA $5 MILLIONAccording to Karla Knafel, a referee introduced her to Michael Jordan, and the two kept their relationship (1989-1991) a secret. According to Karla, Jordan had told her at the time that his marriage to Juanita Jordan was for purposes of his public image.

They had unprotected relations in December 1989 and again in November 1990. Knafel then learned that she was pregnant in early 1991 and was sure the baby was Jordan’s, but she kept silent for some time. She broke the news to a worried Jordan in the spring of 1991, and he ordered her to abort the baby. Jordan then offered to pay her a sum of $5 million after his retirement from basketball in return for her silence about the pregnancy.

The baby was born in July 1991, and Jordan paid Knafel $250,000 for the ‘inconveniences’ that he had caused her. Knafel did not file a paternity suit and kept everything a secret. Air Jordan then retired in 1993 and but returned to play for the Bulls in 1995. The entire time, no payment had been made, and Knafel decided to confront him in 1998 to remind him of his obligation. The NBA star later alleged that Knafel was trying to extort him.

JOHN EDWARDS: ALLEGEDLY SPENT MORE THAN $1 MILLION TO HIDE AN ILLICIT AFFAIR THAT RESULTED IN A LOVECHILDHe was a force to reckon within the U.S., and in 2008, he was considered a viable candidate for the highest office in the country. But things fell apart when Edwards found himself entangled in an embarrassing love affair that would subsequently end his political career. The former Senator from North Carolina had been involved with an aide, which resulted in a love child and an extensive cover-up.

It started before the 2008 election campaign when the young and charismatic Edwards was moving around the U.S. drumming up support for his presidential bid. He began eyeing one presidential campaign employee, Rielle Hunter, and forgot about his wife Elizabeth Anania, a breast cancer survivor and the mother of his four children.

Elizabeth somehow got wind of the situation and confronted her husband about it, but he denied the allegations, and the affair continued. In May 2007, Hunter revealed that she was pregnant with the politician’s child and drama ensued. Edwards suspended his presidential campaign on January 30, 2008, and more lies about the affair were brought to light. His lovechild, Frances Quinn Hunter, was born in February 2008 and a few months later Edwards was spotted visiting Hunter at a hotel in Los Angeles.

Reports then emerged that Edwards had used upwards of $1 million to hide the affair and he was charged for violating campaign laws. However, he was found not guilty on May 31, 2012.

Even though Jay-Z and Queen Bey are happily married, there have been tons of rumors that the 48-year-old rapper has a secret son. Mr. Carter reportedly fathered the mystery child almost 16 years ago with Trinidad model Shenelle Scott. Initially, Malik Sayeed had been wrongfully identified as the kid’s father, but DNA tests later confirmed that Hova was the biological father.

At the time, Shenelle Scott was seeing Malik Sayeed, and when the kid was born, friends urged Sayeed to conduct a paternity test because Scott had been spending more time with Mr. Carter. Rumors went round that the child had Jay’s features and that the 99 Problems rapper had started paying child support. Jay allegedly even helped Scott set up a new home where she would be raising the child.

Jay-Z allegedly gave Shenelle $1 million to keep her mouth shut, and she took the money and bought a house in Trinidad. At first, Beyoncé furious about the secret, but she has reportedly accepted Jay’s past. Beyoncé has even allowed Jay to pay for child support as long as the child is not part of their lives.

JESSE JACKSON: PAID $40,000 TO HIS MISTRESS TO CONCEAL HIS OUT-OF-WEDLOCK CHILD AND PROTECT HIS SQUEAKY CLEAN IMAGEThe eccentric deeds of spiritual leader Rev. Jesse Jackson came to light in 1998 when his alleged baby mama, 39-year-old Karin Stanford came out to deny that she had never asked nor received money to safeguard her relationship with the man of God. Stanford is the mother of Jackson’s out-of-wedlock daughter, Ashley Laverne Jackson, and had agreed to keep it a secret after signing confidentiality agreements. But she was getting frustrated when rumors went around that money had exchanged hands.

Dr. Karin Stanford sued Jackson because she wanted to formalize a child support agreement. The preacher had allegedly been sending $3,000 every month for his daughter, but Stanford was unsatisfied. Karin gave birth to Ashley during her four-year secret affair with the reverend – who was married by then and had five children. The two met when Karin was working in one of Jackson’s civil rights office, and they embarked on an illicit affair even though Jackson was 20 years Karin’s senior. Stanford was a cancer survivor who had been assured she’d never have kids after undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy. However, she got pregnant, and the news broke out when Ashley was 20 months old.

Jackson had allegedly given her $40,000 to move to Los Angeles where she had been living in a $365,000 home and received $10,000 every month.

REGGIE BUSH: MADE A $3 MILLION PAYOFF TO HIS BABY MAMA FOR HER SILENCEReggie Bush got his side-chick pregnant while he was still married to his wife, Lilit Avagyan. The mistress, a cocktail waitress named Monique Exposito, and an ex-lover to NBA legend Alonzo Mourning, was showered with gifts and trips by Mourning who made sure she always occupied the front and center seats at his games. But she still wanted more. According to sources, Exposito did everything she could to get pregnant, including fertility treatments, but nothing worked.

Then she found her luck with Reggie Bush, the former Buffalo Bills running back, who agreed to give her $3 million in exchange for an abortion and her silence. But in a sudden twist of events, Exposito ended up keeping the money and the baby. She reportedly planned for a fabulous baby shower and shopped for a property in Miami.

The issue was that the waitress was another athlete’s mistress at the time she got paged. In fact, the story was a major blow to Bush’s colorful matrimony-dom as it exposed his lying and cheating ways. The fling was well known in Miami circles as Bush was allegedly paying her living expenses.

EDDIE MURPHY: TAKE $11 MILLION AND STAY AWAY FROM MY LIFEIn 2007, ex-Spice Girl, Melanie Brown, had a challenging year when she came out to claim that she was expectant with Eddie Murphy’s baby. The Coming To America star then slapped her in the face by denying the pregnancy until at least after a paternity test.

The statement was a confirmation that the then father of six had publicly dumped his lover. Just weeks after splitting with Mel B, Murphy moved on to the next one. He started rolling with a new girlfriend Tracey Edmonds who he claimed he had been seeing since October 2016.

Mel B gave birth to Angel Iris in April 2007, then two months later, she secretly got married to producer Stephen Belafonte in Las Vegas. After a test was conducted, it was determined that Iris was indeed Eddie’s child and a legal battle ensued. The two spent 15 months battling in L.A courts and even signed NDAs that prevented them airing their dirty linen in public.

The battle ended when Eddie agreed to pay $51,000 a month until 22-month-old Iris reaches age eighteen. That totals to about $11 million. Murphy also agreed to see Iris who he doubted was his child.

SHAQUILLE O’NEAL: GAVE ALMOST HALF OF HIS NETWORTH TO HIS ESTRANGED BABY MAMAShaq is one of the greatest centers to have ever graced the game of basketball. In fact, over the course of his career, it is believed that he pocketed a cool $300 mil in salary and endorsements.

But his bank accounts were extensively dented when his wife, Shaunie O’Neal, filed for a divorce in 2011 accusing him of infidelity. Shaunie was in a relationship with the former Miami Heat and LA Lakers star for a long time. The couple had five children together, but they ended their 9-year marriage after Shaunie got overwhelmed with infidelity rumors.

There were claims that the 4-time NBA champion had laid Gloria Govan, a wife to another NBA star. The divorce was major, and it resulted in Shaq giving up almost half of his net worth to his baby mama and $40,000 a month in child support. A detailed account of the settlement wasn’t made public because some sources claim Shaq pays her $20,000 a month in alimony. Other sources claim she is supposed to collect a total of $100 million from the NBA star.

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15 A-List Celebs Who Paid Their Baby Mamas To Disappear

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