20 Illustrations That Every Girl Can Relate To

These mishaps have happened to the best of us, and sharing your misery is sure to dilute it. Whether you’re doing some specific activity or just trying to get through the day the best that you can, here are 20 illustrations you will be able to relate to.

1. Morning versus Evening
The morning confidence usually lasts only till we take our first sip of water.

2. Outfit Variations
Everyone has their Madonna moments, and everyone has their 5-year-old-at-a-sleepover moments. It’s fine, consistency is not key when it comes to aesthetic, realistically speaking

3. Being Sad
We’ve all dove for the pizza and ice cream when we’re sad, it’s called comfort food for a reason. But maybe it should be renamed comfort-food-that-will-make-you-sadder-about-yourself to avoid the confusion.

4. Ripped Jeans
There’s just too many wedges and crevices. Despite the aesthetic, we all miss shoving our feet into jeans without having to give it a second thought.

5. Underwear
We’ve all gone from feeling like a Victoria Secret model when our underwear is in the same color palette to feeling like a pre-adolescent child when it’s not.

6. Shaving
We’ve all opted out on a full shave and gone for strategic planning instead. It saves time, and who really cares about the rest of your body right?

7. Straightener
The paranoia will never end. Admit it, you’ve freaked out about this even when you didn’t use the straightener.

8. Sleepover
Anything your best friend owns is pretty much contractually half yours, so why bother taking anything along.

9. When Your Crush Texts You
‘It’s no big deal.’

‘It’s totally casual.’

10. Things You Own versus Things You Wear
We can fill up our wardrobes all we want, we’ll still reach for our most basic and overused outfit in the morning.

11. Underwear Shopping
Let’s be honest, comfort takes precedence above aesthetic, always.

12. Mirror versus Camera
We’ve all had that heart attack when Snapchat opens on the front camera and you realize what you’ve been looking like all day.

13. Face Masks
Skin care might be the cause of the frown lines we’re trying to fix.

14. Eyebrows
We all know the moment of dread before you look into the mirror post-threading, and the sinking feeling after as you realize you’re going to have to go into hiding till they grow back out.

15. Nails
How do they never chip or break?!

16. Confidence
It’s a roller coaster ride that we’re all on all day, every day.

17. Hair
We’ve just accepted that our hair looks great all the time, except you know, when we’re in front of people.

18. Running
Why do the Instagram fitness pages not warn you about the jelly-leg syndrome?

19. Day Mood versus Night Mood
You can be as tired as you want during the day, the night will still be wasted doing nothing at all.

20. Dieting
A healthy breakfast totally means you deserve the unhealthiest day ever. The single bite of lettuce counteracts the whole cheese pizza, scientifically speaking.

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20 Illustrations That Every Girl Can Relate To

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