This is what your Native American symbol reveals about you

#1 The Otter (20th Jan – 18th Feb)

Major Character Traits: Resilient, persevering, diligent and pushed

Strengths: Ambition matched with expertise

Hates: Disloyalty and disrespect

Fortunate Coloration: Violet

Fortunate Day: Tuesday

Fortunate Quantity: 19

#2 The Wolf (19th Jan – 20th Mar)

Major Character Traits: Loner, loyal and fiercely impartial

Strengths: A relentless starvation to excel

Hates: Cheaters and vanity

Fortunate Coloration: Pink

Fortunate Day: Thursday

Fortunate Quantity: 3

#Three The Falcon (20th Mar – 19th Apr)

Major Character Traits: Targeted, devoted and sharp

Strengths: Robust will and hardworking nature

Hates: Laziness and procrastination

Fortunate Coloration: Black

Fortunate Day: Friday

Fortunate Quantity: 21

#four The Beaver (20th Apr – 20th Might)

Major Character Traits: Heat, light and candy

Strengths: Self-awareness and empathy

Hates: Impolite individuals and phonies

Fortunate Coloration: Grey

Fortunate Day: Monday

Fortunate Quantity: 18

#5 The Deer (21st Might – 20th Jun)

Major Character Traits: Alert, sharp and agile

Strengths: Braveness and decisiveness

Hates: Liars and pretentious individuals

Fortunate Coloration: White

Fortunate Day: Tuesday

Fortunate Quantity: 11

#6 The Woodpecker (21st Jun – 21st Jul)

Major Character Traits: Pushed, considerate and instinctual

Strengths: Unwavering focus and unshakeable dedication

Hates: Lies, cheaters, and disrespectful individuals

Fortunate Coloration: Scarlet

Fortunate Day: Sunday

Fortunate Quantity: 29
#7 The Salmon (22nd Jul – 21st Aug)

Major Character Traits: Loyal, good and artistic

Strengths: Out of the field considering and innovation-oriented

Hates: Regularity and mundane issues

Fortunate Coloration: Turquoise

Fortunate Day: Friday

Fortunate Quantity: 6

#eight The Bear (22nd Aug – 21st Sept)

Major Character Traits: Fierce, passionate and self-aware

Strengths: Brave and easy

Hates: Trivia and nit-picking

Fortunate Coloration: Orange

Fortunate Day: Monday

Fortunate Quantity: 23
#9 The Raven (22nd Sept – 22nd Oct)

Major Character Traits: Sharp, persevering and a darkish humorousness

Strengths: Robust sense of loyalty and a eager understanding of individuals

Hates: Drama, minutiae, and pretentiousness

Fortunate Coloration: Blue

Fortunate Day: Saturday

Fortunate Quantity: 14

#10 The Snake (23rd Oct – 22nd Nov)

Major Character Traits: Agile, decisive and fiercely protecting

Strengths: Passionate, forgiving and instructions respect

Hates: Dishonesty, boot licking, and rudeness

Fortunate Coloration: Inexperienced

Fortunate Day: Wednesday

Fortunate Quantity: 9
#11 The Goose (22nd Dec – 19th Jan)

Major Character Traits: Enigmatic, charming and mysterious

Strengths: Observant and bold with a will to succeed

Hates: Gossiping and back-biting

Fortunate Coloration: Brown

Fortunate Day: Friday

Fortunate Quantity: 17
#12 The Owl (23rd Nov – 21st Dec)

Major Character Traits: Mild, calm and vigilantly considerate

Strengths: Sensible, calm and a considerate thoughts

Hates: Laziness and rudeness of conduct

Fortunate Coloration: Yellow

Fortunate Day: Sunday

Fortunate Quantity: 12


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This is what your Native American symbol reveals about you

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